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Depends on the make, model, and year, which you do not list. Your owners manual will list this information. If you do not have an owners manual call the dealer.


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10w40 ATV or motorcycle oil designed for wet clutches.

type of oil to use in a 2007 klx 110

mine takes 15w40 in the summer and 10w30 in the winter

You should have to read the user manual and take the services of your mechanic.

I use 10W30 in my 1989 Yamaha Warrior.

My TaoTao 110cc ATV holds 455ml or ~15.5oz of oil (almost a half quart). Be sure to drain the oil the unit is shipped with and replace with some good fully synthetic ATV oil.

I just called a Honda ATV dealer and asked him what oil to use in a 1982 ATC 110 he says 10w40. He says 10w40 was standard back in the 70,80's.

Use some 10w-40 ATV or motorcycle oil designed for wet clutch engines.

It should be designed for motorcycle or ATV wet clutches.

10w-40 motorcycle or ATV engine oil

I use 85-140 but as long as it is a good oil you can use 80-90W.

Where is the Oil filter on a 1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 ATV?" Where is the Oil filter on a 1997 Kawasaki Bayou 300 ATV?"

The type of transmission oil to use in your ATV depends on the model. Polaris uses their own transmission fluid. It is best to read the owners manual to determine what should be used.

Use 10w-40 motorcycle or ATV oil for wet clutches.

You can use 10 W 30 JASO MA or MA2 approved oil, also SAE SF or SG oil. If the engine is worn use grade 15-40.

You do not have to use so-called ATV oil. ATV oil is the very same oil as used in your automobile. Use any major brand SAE oil in the correct weight. I recommend you use a 100% synthetic oil.

The type of oil being used in a Yamaha 350 series ATV depends on the temperature where the vehicle is kept. For colder areas 5w-40 oil is preferred, but for hotter temperatures 10w-40 is better.

What type oil does what take?? The correct weight oil is listed in the owner's manual. Brand is your choice.

10w-40 ATV oil for wet clutches is always a safe bet for quads.

you can use standard ATV oil from places like tractor supply. or you could use a 30 weight oil

where is the plug on the 400 4x4 ATV to drain the oil? Isn't the 400 a two stroke? No oil in case.

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