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On this engine I recommend you use an AC/Delco filter.

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Q: What type of oil filter used for a vortec 350 small block?
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Putting 1999 Vortec onto 1984 engine?

it will work I have vortec heads on a 72 400 small block, I had to get the heads reworked for the 400s water ports or steam port and a vortec type style intake will be needed

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How much horsepower does cold air intake add on average to a Chevy 5.7L vortec?

it depends on what type of engine you are looking at. somehting small like an I4 will only add 5-10, but on a big block V8, it could get up to 30 hp.

Oil type for vortec 4.3?


What is 406 small block bore?

It is a type of engine for a car.

Can you replace a 5.7 vortec with a Chevy 350?

A 5.7 is a 350. Vortec is basically the type of head used.

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What type of Chevy cylinder-heads are cast number 458642?

small block

2003 Honda Civic block heater?

block heater is on the rear left side of the engine,just beside the il filter the model is a screw in type

Where is the oil filter on a Chevy 350 v8?

ph-5 Driver's side at the rear of the block. Screw-on type.

Where is the location of the fuel filter on a 1967 Impala?

In the 1967 Chevrolet Impala, the fuel filter is located where the fuel line enters the carburetor. The fuel filter is a cartridge type and is small in size. Note the position of the filter and tension spring when removing to be sure it goes back together the same way.

How do you change Oil filter on 2008 Pontiac g5?

Unscrew the oil fill cap, remove and place to the side. Lift the cover from the right corners. The oil filter is not a screw on cylinder type. Next to the engine block on the right side is a small (three inch) cover cap . You will need a 1 1/4 socket wrench or equivalent wrench to unscrew the cap (lefty-loosey). The filter is a cartridge type that will come out with the cap. The filter is easily removed with a small twist. Replace with a new filter and attach. Return the assembled filter cap and cartridge. Very easy job and relatively clean.

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