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In order of preference according to the manual. "Ford Super Premium" weights 15w-40, SAE 10w and SAE 30w.

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Q: What type of oil for a ford 1920 tractor?
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How many quarts of oil does a ford 3415 tractor hold?

what is the oil capacity for the ford 3415 tractor

How do you check hydraulic oil on a 3600 ford tractor?

how do I check oil in the rear end of a 3600 ford tractor

How do you check oil 4610 ford tractor?

The oil tube on a 4610 Ford Tractor is located under the hood. There is an oil stick included to help check the level of the oil.

What is oil capacity of ford 3600 tractor?

what is the hydraulic pressure and flow of a ford 3600 deisel tractor

What Oil filter fits Ford 1300 tractor?

Ihave a 1979 Ford 1300 tractor and use NAPA 1390 oil filters.

How many quarts of oil for a ford 5030 tractor?


Oil capacity for a ford 4600 tractor?

7 qts.

What is oil capacity for ford 2000 tractor?

8 qt

What type of transmission oil is used in a ford 9n tractor?

GL1 90W Oil, sold at Napa as part# 65-205. Also sold at walmart.

How much oil does a ford 1920 tractor hold?

Less filter 5.8 U.S. Qts With filter change 6.3 U.S. Qts

What is Ford m2c41-a oil for power steering pumps?

M2C41A is the Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications for the type of oil to go into the system. M2C41A is not engine oil; it is a type of hydraulic oil. You do not need to use Ford M2C41A, you just have to find an alternative oil that meets Ford's Specifications. You should be fine using a Universal Tractor Fluid that meets SAE 10-W30 classification, just make sure it meets OEM M2C41A Specifications . DO NOT USE ENGINE OIL it is not the same.

Where do you add powersteering fluid to a ford 4610 tractor?

right by the oil

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