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A Mammal

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Q: What type of organism is a Caribbean Monk Seal?
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What is a type of seal starting with m?

Mediterranean Monk Seal

What type of organism is a seal?

A seal is a mammal.

What type of seal live in the North Pole?

elephant seals, arctic seals, and monk seals

What type of habitat do Caribbean Monk Seals live?

Sadly, Caribbean monk seals are completely extinct. They were over hunted primarily for their blubber, which was used in a variety of applications, including fuel for lamps, before the invention of the light bulb, and lack of food was the final straw during the 1950's. They used to live in the tropical waters of the Caribbean islands, and hunted fish for food.

Is a harp seal a type of seal?

yes a harp seal is a type of seal

What type of animals live in Hawaii?

Hawksbill Turtle, Northern Cardinial, Pueo, Cocqui Frog, Green Anole, Hawaiian Monk seal and the Hawaiian Hoary Bat.

What is the smallest seal?

The smallest type of seal is the Baikal seal.

What type of animal is a seal?

a seal is a mammal

Is friar a type of monk?


What type of seal lives in antarctica?

The Southern Elephant seal, Crabeater seal, Weddell seal, Leopard seal and Ross seal.

Which type of organism grow in pus?

which type of organism grow in pus

What is a Loss of an entire type of organism?

loss of an entery type of organism

What type of animal is a organism?

an organism is any type of living thing.

What type of person lived in a monastery?

a monk

What type of seal is the largest?

I think the Elephant seal is the largest

Is Caribbean a type of ocean?

The Caribbean is a sea, part of the Atlantic Ocean

What is an organism evolutionary history?

The evolution of a organism depends on what type of organism it is

Why is a sea lion a type of seal?

A sea lion is a relative of a seal.

What shoes does a monk wear?

They wear a type of slipper.

Many of the Caribbean islands were formed by what type of tectonic activity?

many of Caribbean islands was formed by what type of tectonic activity

Are otters a type of seal?


Respiration occurs from what type of organism?

An Aerobic organism.

A walrus is what type of animal?

It's a type of seal.

Is the walrus a type of seal?

Walrus is the largest seal in the world. So yes, it is.

How many type mechanical seal?

can you give installation of mechanical seal details