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What type of plants do ladybugs eat?


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Apart from aphids, ladybugs also require a source of pollen for food and are attracted to specific types of plants. The most popular ones have umbrella shaped flowers such as fennel, dill, cilantro, caraway, angelica, tansy, wild carrot & yarrow. Other plants that also attract ladybugs include cosmos (especially the white ones), coreopsis, and scented geraniums, dandelions.

C7 ladybugs love any type of mustard plant as well as other early blooming nectar and pollen sources, like buckwheat, cilantro, legumes like vetches and red or crimson clover. Also, early aphid sources, like bronze fennel.

The favored food plants that we find them on are cilantro, parsnips, Queen Anne's lace and other plants in the wild carrot family.

Although One Species does. The 28 Spotted Ladybug, or leaf eating Ladybug. Both adults and larvae feed on a range of plants - cabbage, potato and bean family being preferred foods.