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Q: What type of plants does the rain forest include have?
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Related questions

What are some plants in the Amazon rain forest?

Thousands of different plant species can be found in the rain forest. Mosses, heliconia, bromeliad, and poinsettias are all type of plants found in the rain forest.

What plants live in the rain forest?

jambu a type of fruit

What Rain forest plants birds or animals begin with z?

A rain forest animal that begins with 'z' is a 'Zorro' it is a type of bird.

What type of plants grow in the tropical rain forest?

flying pigs

What type of plants are in a tropical rainforest?

The type of plants that the Tropical Rain-forest have is Bengal Bamboo, and the Bougainvillea.

What are some type of animals and plants in the rain forest?

monkeys, jaguars,snakes and tropical trees

What kind of forest type is the Amazon?

a rain forest, moderate rain forest, No one knows, I think.....

What two forms of water are found in a rain forest?

What two forms of water that you will find in a rain forest will depend on the type of rain forest. In a tropical rain forest you will find vapor and liquid.

What type of jobs are they in the tropical rain forest?

People in the tropical rain forest are farmers and gatherers.

Why are people concerned about the destruction of tropical rain forests?

because,The tropical rain forest is home to more species of plants and animals than all the world's other land biomes combined and some type of organisms can exist only in the tropical rain forest.

What type of people depend on the rain forest?

every body does most medicines come from the rain-forest.

What wildlife lives in the Rain Forest?

The answer to your question depends upon what type of rain forest you want to know about. There are temperate rain forests and tropical rain forests. Both are similar in that they each have quite a bit rain each year. Wildlife of the tropical rain forest includes: chimpanzees, king cobra, orangutan, Bengal tiger, sloths, toucans and much more. Wildlife of the temperate rain forest include: the bald eagle, the black bear, the cougar, elk, raccoons, etc.

What is the type of tree species of an equatorial rain forest and temperate forest?


Is a biome characterized by its latitude?

biomes are characterized by its general climate and the type of plant and animal species that live there. These characteristics depend on where the biome is located. For example the tropical rain forest biome in the Brazil known as the Amzon Rain forest is called a rain forest because of its plants and animals, but the factor that makes it possible for the area to have such a moist and dense atmosphere is because it is near the equator.

What type of forest covered much of earth at the end of the paleozoic era?

rain forest

Where do you install freon on a 2003 jaguar x-type?

fish is there main food in the rain forest fish is there main food in the rain forest

What type of parrot live in the rain forest?

parrots do

What type of owl lives in the rain forest?


What type of habitat does a deer live in?

rain forest

Types of vegetation in India?

The different types of vegetation in India can include tropical rain forest, grassland, temperate forest, mangrove, and moist deciduous forest vegetation. This variation in vegetation type is due to the different climatic conditions found in India.

Uses of forest resources?

Forest resources include both plants and animals of the forest. Meat and plant foods represent one type of resource. Timber is the most widely used forest resources. It is used for making houses, furniture, paper, and a host of other products.

what type of forest most likely contains the greatest variety of habitats?

Tropical rain forest

What type of forests are in Jamaica?

dry forest mangrove forest rain (moist) forest

What type of habitat does a colorful parrot live in?

in the rain forest.

What type of tree does not grow in the rain forest?

A fossilized tree.