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What type of problems occur to your car when your head gasket needs to be replaced?

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A white, frothy substance appears in the oil, or on the dipstick. This is water, which has leaked through the headgasket from a water channel into an oil channel. When the reverse happens, the coolant becomes very oily. Coolant can also leak into a cylinder, causing clouds of steam to come out the tail pipe. Loss of compression on a cylinder which has a leak in the head gasket is common. The spark plug on that cylinder may foul repeatedly.

2006-08-08 10:56:01
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Other than a leak, a blown head gasket. Very serious, so stop driving until this is repaired if you suspect a blown head gasket. Serious engine damage will occur.Other than a leak, a blown head gasket. Very serious, so stop driving until this is repaired if you suspect a blown head gasket. Serious engine damage will occur.

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