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You will need a bachelor in education degree with a major or minor in physical education. There may be additional courses and state testing to teach the subject of health. Most high schools require just one course per student.

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Q: What type of schooling must you have to be a health education instructor?
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You must go to the Department of Education nearest your place and secure a form in order for the home schooling of your children to be recognized in the future.

How much schooling is required to do math teacher?

you must take at least one health class and currently be in the math teacher's class.

What schooling is needed to become a dental surgeon?

In order to become a dental surgeon, one must first complete an undergraduate education. They then must complete dental school, followed by a residency in dental surgery.

What schooling do you need to be on Geek squad?

Geek Squad has no education requirement, but there is an exam that you must take at the time of application. The exam tests your knowledge of computers and computer repair.

How many years of schooling must one go through to obtain medical assistant certification?

It will generally take approximately a year after receiving secondary education in a post-education setting in order to obtain a medical assistant certification.

What are some health beliefs in Sri Lanka?

they are like the traditional institute of regardless education they must do it or otherwise it sacrifice

How do you write your educational qualifications on a resume?

One would first have to chose a type of resume. There are many types such as functional or chronological. After the type is established, one must then gather the information needed (schooling, dates of schooling, accreditation, awards, certificates and recommendations) and then enter them in the education spot on a resume. The Education spot is normally at the top or very bottom of a resume.

What must an instructor be to a student?

An instructor should be a mentor, teacher, tutor, and facilitator. His role is to teach the student the material.

How much schooling is there for veterinarians?

In the United States, you must complete at least three years of undergraduate college and four years of vet school to work as a veterinarian. In addition, if you are licensed, you must complete ongoing continuing education to maintain that license.

What define music arts physical education health?

Music, art, physical education and health classes are elective classes for high school students. The students must take all of the classes but can usually take the specific type of classes that they wish.

What is the legal age to get a permit in Mississippi?

The legal age in Mississippi to get a permit is 14 1/2. Teens must be enrolled in a driver education program and may only drive with an instructor in the car.

What degree is needed to teach ethics?

It depends on what level of education. Most colleges and universities require that an instructor must have at least a Masters degree and have taken a graduate course in the area he/she will be teaching. Viper1

What kind of education did Anne get before she was at Green Gables?

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What is the correct spelling of the plural possessive form of instructor?

The plural form of the noun instructor is instructors.The plural possessive form is instructors'.example: Every instructor must follow the guidelines in our instructors' manual.

How do you become a police driving instructor?

To become a Police driving instructor as a civilian, first you must have a background in instructing and instructing driving. Then you must get hired by the force you wish to work for as a driving instructor, from there they will send you on the Police Driving Instructors course at a police college or institution. In Ontario, Canada you must also be a qualified driving instructor to teach driving for compensation. The hardest part of the process is finding a job and getting hired for it.

How much schooling does one need to get a MBA in finance?

There is much schooling one must do in order to get an MBA in finance. One who wants an MBA in finance must first graduate from high school. Next, they must get a bachelor's degree. And lastly, they must get accepted into an MBA program.

How do you become a firearms training instructor?

That is a very broad question. Anyone can open up a shooting range and call themselves a firearms instructor, or just simply call themselves an instructor and teach classes. However, depending on what you want to do, there may be other qualifications. The general answer is, you must meet the qualifications of whatever organization you want to work for. For instance, if you want to be a state certifiied instructor in Tennessee, you must take and pass a certified TN instructors course, then apply to the state for your credentials. If you want to be an NRA instructor, you must take and pass the NRA instructors course. If you want to be a police firearms instructor, you must generally first be a police officer for a certain number of years, then pass the instructor qualification for that department's academy.

How does one become an instructor of swimming?

To become an instructor of swimming there are a few things that need to be done. First, the person must be certified in CPR. Second, the person must become certified in First Aid. Third, the person must take a course to become certified as a lifeguard. Finally, the person should take a Water Safety Instructor Course.

Where must a karate instructor spend 3 years training?

The requirements for becoming an instructor vary according to the organization and style. Most have specific requirements, others simply require that the instructor have his instructor's permission to teach.

How would one become a certified MSHA instructor?

MSHA stands for Mine Safety and Health Administration. In order to become a certified MSHA instructor one must receive certification through the MSHA's State Grant Program. One would need to contact one of the programs directly for certification information.

What is the difference or distinction between education and schooling?

Education is the process of learning which is geared torwards the acquisition of skills,knowlegde and attitude for the benefit of the individual and nation as a whole.Education must bring about rapid socio-economic development and an educated person must be of benefit to his society and nation as a whole.Schooling on the other hand is a means to education.If a person after going to school ,uses his acquired skills and knowlegde to benefit the society or nation that person is said to be educated.But if a person is of no benefit after going to school then that person is said to have undergo schooling.

In order to obtain health administration training, what criteria would necessary and how would that better your education in health administration ?

You would need a Bachelor's degree, though ideally those applying for jobs in this field would require a Master's to show that they have continued their education. High scores are a must.

What kind of schooling would you need to be a wedding planner?

None, you must have contacts.

How does one obtain a student visa for Canada?

There are a number of requirements to obtain a student visa for Canada. One must first be accepted by a school in Canada. One must be able to prove that they can pay for tuition. One must have no criminal record, be in good health, and prove that they will leave Canada once schooling is completed.

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