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elephant seals, arctic seals, and monk seals

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Q: What type of seal live in the North Pole?
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What type of animals live and the north pole?


What type of environments do alligators live in?

Very cold, icy climates Near the North pole. Usually, they can live in desserts too(the north pole is a dessert)

What type of pressure is at the north and south pole?

in north pole

What type of penguin lives at the north pole?

Penguins have not colonized the North Pole. This means that all types of penguins are found further south than the North Pole.

What are polar bears type of home?

north pole

What type of water does a seal live in?


What type of birds live at the North Pole?

No birds actually live in the North Pole, which is a floating ice shelf incapable of supporting life. However, there are bird species which visit the Arctic, which is where the North Pole is situated. Migratory birds that visit the Arctic include the Arctic tern, Snow goose and puffin. Other birds observed near the North pole are the Snow Bunting, Northern Fulmar and Black-legge Kittiwake.

What type of air mass is found at the North Pole?

The North Pole would have a polar air mass - high latitude and polar climate.

What type of magnetic pole attracts an N pole?

the south pole attracts the north pole. That means the opposite poles attracts and same poles repels.

Will a North Pole magnet attract to a stone?

depends on the type of stone

Is North Pole Arctic or Antarctic region?

Artic. Type your answer here...

What type of people live in the north pole?

People who live near to or on the North Pole are called Inuits, because that is the name of the language they speak. It was only recently the name for these people changed, and it was brought upon because eskimo in Inuit means 'Eater of Flesh' Which the Inuit population took offence to.

What type of transportation did Robert Peary use to get to the north pole?

dog sled

What type of home does the Leopard seal have?

Sea Leopards live in the sea.

What type of habitat does the ribbon seal live in?

in the continental sea tanks

What type of magnetic poles do the domains at the north pole of a magnet have?

This is a really confusing question, but I believe you want to know how the magnetic domain at the north pole of a magnet is. The answer is uniform.

What is the type of biome a ram lives in is called?

A ram can live in a desert and most likely any parts of the world except the North pole......hope that helped

Is a harp seal a type of seal?

yes a harp seal is a type of seal

What type of animals live at the South Pole?

The only 'animals' you'll find at the South Pole are human animals, who live and work there temporarily with tax-payer-supported facilities. However, sea birds and sea mammals breed on Antarctica's beaches, at least 750 miles north of the South Pole. No animals 'live' on Antarctica: it's too cold and there is no food chain.

What is the difference between Earth's magnetic North Pole and Earth's rotational North Pole?

The Earth's rotational north pole (actually called the "geographical north pole") is related to Earth's rotation - it is the northernmost part of Earth's rotational axis. The magnetic north pole is related to Earth's magnetism; this is not exactly aligned with Earth's rotation. Therefore, the magnetic compass (the most common type of compass) will show approximately to the north (in most parts of Earth), but not exactly so.

What type music do people in the north pole listen too?

Most probably Chillout music.

What type of water is found in the north pole and south pole?

it is icy cold salty water At the North Pole yes, because the ice there is frozen seawater, but at the South Pole it is a whole different ballgame. All the ice there is fresh water ice, as the South Pole holds more than 90% of the worlds freshwater.

What type of food do animal in the north pole eat?

I notice your Question says it is in Penguins. Penguins are found at the South Pole but not at the North Pole.It is possible that you might find polar Bears at the north pole but even for them that is a long way north. Should one be in the area the bears live on seals as a major source of protein and fish or sea mammal carcasses such as whales when found. To a Polar Bear anything alive on the ice belongs to him to hunt, even humans.

How do you know when you are at the North Pole on Howrse?

When you first sign in to howrse, underneath where it says Welcome (your user name) and your horses is a menu type thing, where you press the tab that says CHRISTMAS the North Pole. Once you click on that tab you will be at the North Pole, where there will be a picture of the items you can win, depending on how many reindeer you have.

A man was born on December 20 yet his birthday always in the summer?

Type your answer here... i think that person may be living in north pole thats why the birthday in december would be summer in north pole.