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What type of structure do ionic compounds form?

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Ionic compounds form a definite crystal structure.

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Q: What type of structure do ionic compounds form?
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What type of compound do most nonmetals form?

ionic compounds

What compounds do nonmetals form when they burn in oxygen?

Nonmetals burning in oxygen form covalent type compounds, as compared to metals which form ionic compounds.

What type of bonds can nonmetals and transition metals form?

ionic compounds

What type of elements are simple ionic compounds made of?

ionic compounds are made up of elements that form ions. It could be either cation or anion

What type of structure do ionic bonds form?

they form a salt structure like a lattice and they use it for good purposes

How are the ions kept in place in ionic compounds?

In ionic compounds the ions are held in place in a lattice structure by ionic bonds. This is a type of chemical bond caused by the electromagnetic attraction of two oppositely charged ions.

What are two major types of binary compounds?

Type 1 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation has only one form, or charge. Type 2 binary ionic compounds are those in which the cation can have multiple forms.

What type of elements form ionic bonds?

Metals form ionic bonds with non-metals. Ionic compounds are always metal/non-metal ions that have chemically bonded.

What type of compound is always an electrolyte?

all ionic compoundsIonic compounds always act as an electrolyte.As soon as they are added to water to form solutions, they dissociate in their constituent ions.

What block in the periodic table of elements tend to form Type II ionic compounds?

The Center

What block of the periodic table of elements tend to form type II ionic compounds?

The Center

What type of charge do ionic compounds have?

All compounds have a neutral charge; the charge of individual ions and radicals cance each other out in terms of the overall structure.

Which type of bond is considered the strongest?

Ionic compounds are said to be the compounds that form relatively stronger bonds. But there are exceptions such as diamond, graphite and carborundum which are covalent compounds.

What type of elements are ionic compounds made of?

Ionic compounds are generally formed by the bonding of metals and nonmetals.

What type of compound is sodium likely to form?

Sodium forms ionic compounds with other non-metals.

What type of bond form is thorium?

As a metal thorium has metallic bonds; in compounds ionic bonds are formed.

What type of bonds hold ionic compounds together?

ionic bonding

What type of compound ionic or covalent will conduct electricity and dissolve in water?

Ionic compounds generally dissolve in water dissociating to give ions that are free to move and conduct electricity. Molten ionic compounds also have free ions and conduct electricity. Ionic compounds generally do not conduct electricity in the solid form.

What type of elements combine to form ionic compounds?

In most cases, a metal and a non metal combine each other to create an ionic lattice.

What type of bonding salt has?

Ionic Compounds.

What type of structure does an ionic bond have?

acrystal structure

What type of bond does 2 iron atoms form?

Ionic bonds in compounds, metallic bonds in the pure metal.

What type of bond is Na2O?

Ionic. All compounds with Na (sodium) are ionic

What type of compound does bromine form?

It's ionic if it is bonded with hydrogen or other metals, and it's covalent if with other nonmetals, but since bromine is a halogen, it is most likely to form ionic compounds.

what type of bonds form lattice structures?

Ionic bonded always. Also giant covalent structures- like diamond and silicon dioxide. It is NOT just ionic compounds!