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What type of textile mills were located in Fall River Massachusetts in the 1940s?

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2007-10-02 15:33:23

This answer is incomplete but being a local in the area I can

offer some info. Fall River in the last three or so decades of the

1800's was New England's largest textile industrial center beyond

one area of New Hampshire (the name of which escapes me at the

moment). Fall River, during this era earned the local nickname "the

Spindle City" because of it's textile manufacturing mills which

numbered roughly a dozen at that time if my memory serves. The

primary material manufactured in Fall River was cotton and cotton

based fabrics. Nearby in RI, in the same era, a similar

metamorphosis of textile industry and an associated population boom

occurred. Today, many of the mills stand vacant, have become home

to completely unrelated industry or stand abandoned (and are often

the fuel for fire). However, these mills did contribute a great

deal to the ethnic diversity in our area as they were magnets for

immigrant families seeking a better life after the potato famine

that ravaged much of Europe (not just Ireland). Today, this area

and much of the area south of it in RI are still magnets for

immigrants due to the diversity found here and tolerance for

uniquely ethnic neighborhoods.

There are some great sites online about this topic as someone

mentioned them to me not that long ago (I am a decendant of a Fall

River Textile King) so give old google a try and see what


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