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There really isn't a specific port glass. Port would be served in a dessert wine glass and those are smaller than both red and white wine glasses.

And, no, you shouldn't serve white wine in a dessert wine glass. Serve white wine in an average sized glass that is clear. For more detail, to see a picture, and learn about all types of wine glasses, go to my website page on types of wine glasses.

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What type of glass should sparkling cider be served in?

A despok

What is served in rocks glass?

Alcohol is commonly served in a rocks glass; usually scotch or bourbon type drinks.

What type of liqueur glass should liqueur be served in?

Depends on what the liquor is. There are different types for different liquors.

Name something people drink beer out of?

Depending on style, there are several types of glassware that beer should be served in:Flute GlassGoblet (Chalice)MugPilsner GlassPint GlassSnifterStangeTulipWeizen GlassOversized Wine GlassFor a list of what beer should be served in each type of glass, refer to the site I linked.

What type of wines are served in a flute glass?

A flute glass is traditionally used to serve champagne.

Waterford White Glass?

form_title= Waterford White Glass form_header= Add new glassware to your home with Waterford white glass. What type of glass do you need?*= _ [50] Is this a gift for someone?*= () Yes () No What is your budget for glass?*= _ [50]

What type of glass is merlot served in?

I serve mine in the classic Large Bordeaux glass. Two of these will comfortably hold a bottle of Merlot.

What type of food is a flute?

Champagne can be served in a type of glass called a flute. Other than that, a flute is a musical instrument.

What color and type of furniture should your room have with orange walls?

You should bring in white, such as a white sofa, but depending on the people, that may not be a good idea! So instead get a white glass chair. Bring some pop of yellow and other colors!

What is something people will drink beer out of?

usually a bottle! haha. just trying to be smarticle! :)Depending on style, there are several types of glassware that beer should be served in:Flute GlassGoblet (Chalice)MugPilsner GlassPint GlassSnifterStangeTulipWeizen GlassOversized Wine GlassFor a list of what beer should be served in each type of glass, refer to the site I linked.A beer can or beer bottle: it is really easy to drink something out of its original container. Just pop the top off, and you're good to go.A Solo cup: red on the outside, white on the inside, these 16 ounce plastic cups are the first choice beer holders of fraternities and sororities.A stein: a tall, glass mug is the traditional favorite. You can chill them to keep the beer colder longer.a glassUm...Pint glass.

What type of glass and how many ounces are used to serve port wine?

Port is a fortified wine, and it should be served in smaller amounts than dinner wines. Use specially designed port glasses, or pour two to three ounces into a regular wine glass. Port is served after the meal, with cheese or fruit if desired.

What is Broccoli rabe with white stems?

Broccoli rabe with white stems is a dish served in Japan and the United States. This type of vegetable is native to the Japanese diet. It is often served with white beans in the United States.

What temperature should milk be served?

Type your answer here... 45 degrees

How thick should the glass be on a salt water aquarium?

The type of water in an aquarium does not affect how thick the glass should be. Glass thickness is determined by tank size; and heavily influenced by height.

What is the difference between a shot glass and a shooter glass?

The difference between a shot glass and a shooter glass is small. Often a shooter glass is about 1/2″ or so taller than a standard short shot glass. Shooter glasses are slightly larger to accommodate the mixed type of shooter drinks that are served in them.

What type of wine glass should red wine be served in?

>I think That red wine should served in V shape wine glass. No, do not serve any wine in a v-shaped glass, except if you're trying to do something funky with champagne. Actually, the ideal type of glass depends on what type of red wine you are pouring and even then, it depends on whose opinion you are following. The most important thing is that the glass is large enough to swirl the wine and bring out the aromas and that it is crystal clear clean and unadorned so people can admire how the glass looks. If you want to get a bit fancier, use crystal or at least thin, light glasses. Bordeaux varietals (cab, merlot) go in glasses with level tops. Pinot goes into a glass that curves in at the top to form a bowl that helps concentrate its aromas. You can check Ravenscroft's site or Riedel's site for more information.

What type of wine glass should sparkling wine be served in?

Hi- Sparkling wine should be served in a flute. The narrower the opening at the mouth, the longer the bubbles will last. Crystal flutes I have heard hold the bubbles even longer as opposed to regular glass, however I do not know the reasoning behind this. Do not use champagne saucers as the surface area for those will dissipate the bubbles too quickly. Save those for shrimp cocktails or chocolate mousse. Cheers!

What type of container should be used to store beef?

a ceramic jar or glass

Difference between Gibson an a Martini?

the difference is in garnish. the classic use olives as garnish where as gibson use cocktail onions. some other difference can be the type of the glass served adn being served on ice.

What type of symbol will be on the white jewel on nabooti island?

Using the magnifying glass at the bottom right, the white jewel is the only one with a mark of any kind. It is a twisted triangle mark, and should appear on the third diamond from the bottom left.

How many calories in a glass of wine?

The number of calories in a glass of wine range depending on the type of wine. The wines with the fewest calories are red and white, which are each 85 calories. The wine with the most calories is sweet white wine, with 120 calories a per 125ml glass.

What type of wine should be served with Caesar salad?

=Chardonnay Wine or American Chardonnay :D=

Does the type of glass change the amount in the glass?

An eight ounce glass is still an eight ounce glass, no matter what type or style it is.

What temp should wine wine be served?

Depends on the type of wine. Do a search for the specific wine you are serving.

What type of whine should be served with steak?

The best wine to serve with steak is definitely cabernet sauvignon.