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1991-1996 Ranger automatic transmissions use Mercon type automatic Transmission Fluid.


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The 1992 2.3L 5 Speed required Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid. That's right, you need to put ATF in the manual transmission.

where do you add manuel transmission fluid on a 1991 geo storm 5 speed

In a 1991 Ford Ranger : It depends on which 5 speed manual transmission you have The Mitsubishi ( transmission code " D " ) takes ( 2.4 U.S. quarts of 80-90W gear lube ) The Mazda ( trans code " M " ) takes ( 2.8 quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

On a 1991 Ford Ranger , 5 speed manual transmission : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have the Mitsubishi made 5 speed manual transmission ( code " D " ) it takes ( 2.4 U.S. quarts of 80-90W gear lube ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have the Mazda made 5 speed manual transmission ( code " M " ) it takes ( 2.8 U.S. quarts of MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

You dont add transmission fluid to a 5 speed, you use geer oil.

The transmission fluid capacity for a 1991 S10 5 speed manual transmission is approximately 3 quarts. This can be purchased at any auto parts store.

The 1991 Ford Probe does not have a transmission fluid intake reservoir. All of the transmission fluid is contained in the transmission.

I was looking at ( www . the ranger station . com ) no spaces " Tech library " It depends on which 5 speed manual transmission you have in your 1991 Ford Ranger with the 2.9 liter V6 engine The mitsubishi transmissions ( transmission code " D " ) Fm132 - 2 wheel drive and FM146 both take ( 80-90W gear lube ) The Mazda transmission ( transmission code " M " ) M50D-R1 - 2 wheel drive takes ( MERCON automatic transmission fluid )

The rear end on a Ranger takes about 2.5 quarts. If you're asking for the manual transmission, use automatic transmission fluid (ATF), it takes 2.75 quarts.

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what type transmission fluid uses for a 1991 ford probe

My 1991 Buick Century won't move or hold transmission fluid

A 1991 Chevy Camaro with a manual transmission needs Dexron II ATF fluid. It provides lubricant and cooling to the transmission.

There are 8 bolts on a 4 cylinder Ford Ranger

According to a website I was looking at : For a 1991 Ford Ranger , 4.0L V6 engine : ------------------------------------------------------- rear wheel drive ( 16 city / 22 highway , 5 speed manual transmission ) ( 15 / 21 , 4 speed auto ) -------------------------------------------------------- 4X4 ( 15 / 20 , 5 speed manual transmission ) ( 15 / 19 , auto ) --------------------------------------------------------- * miles per U.S. gallon

The type transmission fluid for this car depends on the casing. If the casing is aluminum, then use Mercon V. If it is not then 90W-120W gear oil is needed.

Transmission fluid is always put in through the Tranny dipstick tube.

i got a 1991 grand am it is a 5 speed i need to no where to fill it

QUOTE::::On the side of the transmission there will be a plug. remove the plug and check the fluid level. If fluid pours out when you remove it, that means the transmission is full.. if not, add fluid through this hole till it pours out. This information is completely wrong! There is no fill plug on the escort GT manual trans.. the fill hole and level check are the speed sensor... remove the 10mm bolt twist and pull up the speed sensor, re-fill, and if the plastic gear on the speed sensor is wet, it is full.

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