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green commet blue tang and other unknown kinds

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Q: What types of fish can you find with a clown-fish?
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What types of clown fish are there?

Heres all the ones I know: -Common Clownfish -Orange Skunk Clownfish -Maroon Clownfish -Pink Skunk Clownfish -Red sea Clownfish -Barrier Reef clownfish -Clark's Clownfish -Cap Clownfish !

Types of coral reef fish?

If Finding Nemo is correct, how about clownfish?

What are different types of saltwater fish?

There are many types of saltwater fish. Some of these include anthias fish, angelfish, blennies, boxfish, clownfish, and blue/green reef chromis.

Is it clownfish or clown fish?

The correct term is clownfish.

Are clownfish tropical?

Yes. They live in tropical water and you can find them in fish stores at the tropical fish section.

What are two different fish?

a flouder and a clownfish a flouder and a clownfish

Name types of aquatic consumer?

An aquatic consumer is a fish so.. it would be a fish.. and some types would be: dolphins, sharks, whales, butterfly fish, orca, clownfish(NEMO), moray eel.

How do clownfish eat?

Clownfish eat the leftovers from fish on the anemone and algae.

Give an opinion of the clownfish?

My opinion of the Clownfish is that it is a unique and colorful fish.

Are clownfish reptile?

Clownfish (Amphiprioninae) is a salt water fish - not a reptile.

What is a clownfish invertebrate or vertebrate?

A clownfish is a vertebrate. All fish are vertebrates.

How many different types of clownfish are there?

There Are 29 Different Types Of Clownfish. the Most Common One Is The

What is the shape of a clownfish?

a fish

What fish that have a backbone?


Why is a clownfish not a mammal?

no its a FISH

What fish can be with clownfish?

Clownfish can be housed with most species of marine fish, as long as they aren't large and predatory, such as lionfish.

What kingdom is a clown fish in?

The clownfish is in the fish kingdom

How do sea anemones affect other sea creatures?

Anemones provide food and shelter for clownfish. Clownfish appear to be the only fish that can resist the anemone's stinging poison. When an unsuspecting bigger fish tries to eat the clownfish the clownfish ducks into the anemone and the big fish gets shocked to death by the poison. Then the anemone eats the fish and the clownfish gets the scraps which is fine by it.

What do clownfish give in return for shelter to anemones?

clown fish attract fish to the anemone because the fish wants to eat the clownfish so the anemone catches the fish and eats it

What is the finding nemo fish?

a clownfish

What kind of fish was nemo?


What type of fish was nemo?

A clownfish

Do clownfish have hair?

Fish do not have hair.

Can clown fish be in the same tank as a betta fish?

betta fish are fightinh fish, so NO! yes clownfish loves Japanese fighting fish (betta fish) Clownfish are saltwater and bettas are figure it out.

What materials does the clownfish use-?

A clownfish a type of fish, but I am not sure what you mean by what materials they use.