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There are many gas grills available to buy from Fire Magic Gas Grills. One can purchase the powerful Echelon Diamond 1060 or go for something not quite that strong with the Aurora 660. They also sell charcoal grills.

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Q: What types of gas grills are available for sale from Fire Magic?
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How many different varieties of fire magic grills are there?

There are several types of fire magic grills. There are smokers, charcoal and gas grills that are on the market.

Where could one go to obtain Fire Magic grills?

Fire Magic Grills can be purchased on Amazon and most major elite appliance stores. Fire Magic Grills are high-end grills and are very expensive to purchase.

Does Home Depot sell fire magic grills?

According to the Home Depot website the fire magic grills are not listed. In order to purchase a Fire Magic grill you would need to go to their website and find a dealer.

How good are firemagic grills?

Fire Magic grills are well rated and offer professional results in your own backyard. Their website is

What type of grill is a firemagic grill?

Fire Magic grills are built-in island grills for easy outdoor or indoor entertaining. They are available in both gas and charcoal models and are priced between $13,000 and $200 depending on the size and model.

Are there any warnings when using a Fire Magic grill?

Fire Magic grills always have detailed instructions and warnings. For example, do not cover the entire grill surface.

is a fire magic better then charcoal grill?

Fire Magic has improved it's product and design. The company states that it's temperature exceeds other grills, heat distribution is evenly spread & their unique 'hot surface ignition'.

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Where can one purchase a fire magic grill online?

One can purchase a Fire Magic Grill online from Fire Magic Gas Grill Guys, Fire Magic Now or Fire Magic Shop. All three offer many Fire Magic Grill styles for one to choose from.

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