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To acutally connect to a network, and be a part of that network get an IP address etc you could use Virtual private network (VPN). To just get access to that network:

Remote desktop connection (RDP)

Remote web workplace (if your on an SBS server)

Sharepoint (though this is just more or less an internal site)

There are a few more ways... but those listed are the only ones I'm familiar with.

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How is the internet a network of computers?

"Network" simply means that the computers are interconnected. Since you can connect to remote computers, you are on a network. Because each company has its own company network, the Internet is sometimes called a network of networks - individual networks are interconnected.

Why were networks developed?

Networks were developed as a communication method between computers at remote sites

State the technologies used for connecting to remote computers?

Your a nub

What TCP IP configuration item allows client computers to communicate with other computers that are located on remote networks?

Default Gateway

What should be placed on remote systems that connect to routed networks over slow WAN links?


What is the difference between remote desktop protocol and telnet?

Both are used to connect the remotely situated computers.

Which program is used to connect you to remote computers and display requested webpages?

You can use a program called Teamviewer.

What feature enables networks with computers at remote locations to conserve bandwidth by storing frequently accessed files on local drives?


Which tcp ip configuration item allows client computers to communicate with other computers that are located on remote networks?

a. Default gatewayb. Routerc. Hubd. SwitchAnswer:default gateway: Allows a host to communicate with devices that reside on a remote network.

What isDefinition of Internet?

A worldwide network of networks. It is also the network of networks that connects millions computers (called hosts). The Internet is the virtual space in which users send and receive email, login to remote computers (telnet), browse databases of information (gopher, World Wide Web, WAIS), and send and receive programs (ftp) contained on these computers

Do network computers have keyboards and monitors?

They don't have to, and in the case of servers, most will not. You will connect to the server via remote desktop on your own workstation.

What is needed to connect your computer with other computers or hardware?

If your using windows go to remote assistance and put in the other computers internet protocol (ip) address. Easier if you have Windows Live Messenger you can easily ask people if they would like remote assistance.

What should be placed on remote system that connect to routed networks over slow WAN links?

Switch or hub, depending on whether you want your network segmented

Devices need to connect to the file server from remote networks What method should be used to provide the file server with an IP address to allow these connections?

static nat

What is necessary to make a remote connection to a person's desktop computer?

According to Windows Microsoft, in order to make a remote connection to a person's desktop computer, two computers are needed. And then a Remote Desktop application is needed in order to connect to the other computer.

Which remote sensing technologies uses sound?


Can you connect your tamagotchi to a remote?


What is remote access to distant computers called?

Remote Access to distant computers is called remote assistance or heres the word used in a sentence for example. " I am remotely taking control of your computer."

Can computers interfere with remote controls?

Not at all.

What is the function of Microsoft SNMP Agent?

SNMP (simple Netwrork Managenet Protocol) provides system management tool for networks. An administator can monitor remote computers running Windows clients with SNMP Agent.

What is the cord that can connect the tank to a paintball gun?

its called a remote line or remote hose.

How to connect to a remote computer?

You have to use remote desktop connection and know either the computer ip address where to wnat to connect to or full name. Start->All Programs->Aceessories->Communication->Remote Desktop Connection. P.S. You connect only to Windows Xp Pro or server versions (Windows 2003...). Windows Xp Home cannot be a remote computer where to want to connect to.

What waves are used in remote controls?

Remote controls use both infrared and radio frequency technologies. Your typical TV remote uses infrared and your typical car remote uses RF.

What is remote printer?

remote printer is these printer we can connect to many computer by using wireless comunication is called remote printer

What is virtualization in cloud computing?

Virtualization refers to the use of one physical server to virtually connect to multiple computers. This is the essence of cloud computing -- connecting multiple machines to one remote device so all can access the same things from remote locations.