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The parts of the body that have ciliated columnar epithelium include the nose, the trachea, and the uterine tube. The cilia in the nose and trachea help expel foreign particles that should not enter the lungs while the cilia in the uterine tube help move the egg and sperm to the Fallopian tube.

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epithelial tissue contains cilia and microvilli, ect...

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Cilia do not form any kind of tissue. They are a part of cells that help assist in mobility. Tissues are a group of similar cells all contributing to a common function.

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Q: What types of tissue can have cilia?
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What purpose do cilia and microtubules serve for some types of epithelia?

To help move things across the surface of the tissue.

What are the Sub-types of epithelial tissue?

Squamous: The internal layer of the lung Cuboidal: Found in the kidneys Columnar: Intestinal lining Pseudostratifier (sp?): Found in the trachea (with cilia) and Vas Deferens.

What are the types of Cell extensions?

Microvilli, cilia, and flagella.

What are types of movement of protists?

Flagella, Cilia, Pseudo

Microvilli cilia and goblet cells are modifications of which type of epithelial tissue?

simple columnar

How does the paramecium use each types of cilia?

It uses it idiots!

What two types of structures deal with the movement of a cell?

Flagella and cilia

What are three types of tissue?

There are four major tissue types: epithelia, connective, muscle and nervous tissue.

Short hairlike appendage?

Short, hair like appendages help in fastening to mucous membranes. These numerous appendages are called fimbriae. Cilia are another short, hair like appendage that extends from living cell surfaces.

What are the four major tissue types in the body?

Epithelial, Connective, Muscle, and Nervous

What three types of cells might have cilia or flagella?

protists. most likely consumers. they use flagella, cilia, and pseudopodia ( they are a mode of movement)

What are the 4 types of cell tissue?

The four basic types of cell tissue are epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue.