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Q: What unique traffic hazard plagues the Dutch?
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What happened in history today 6th of March?

On the 6th of March 1852, the Dutch telegraph traffic was regulated by law.

When was faunded a Dutch bank - ASN bank?

The Dutch Bank, ASN, was founded on May 1, 1960. It has a unique mission, to support a sustainable and just society. ASN Bank is serious about respecting people and our planet.

Who was the founder of New Amsterdam and why was that unique?

It was founded by the Dutch West India Company and was the only one of the original colonies not founded by England.

What has the author F Gierts written?

F. Gierts has written: 'Woordenboek voor wegenbouw en wegverkeer' -- subject(s): Design and construction, Dictionaries, Dutch, Dutch language, French, French language, Roads, Traffic engineering

What is a Dutch?

A Dutch person is someone with the Dutch nationality, from the Netherlands, or with Dutch ancestors.

What is 'Dutch boy' in Dutch?

Nederlandse jongen is a Dutch equivalent of 'Dutch boy'.

What is 'Speak in Dutch' in Dutch?

"Spreek Nederlands" is a Dutch equivalent of 'Speak in Dutch'.

What is 'from English to Dutch' in Dutch?

'from English to Dutch' is 'van Engels naar Nederlands' in dutch

Do you have to speak Dutch to be Dutch?

You only need to be in possession of a dutch passport be dutch, or "nederlands" you are considered a Dutchman "nederlander" if you are also born in the Netherlands. this is one giant lie. a pasport that says dutch means nothing, a guy for example a muslim with a dutch pasport is not dutch. you have to be dutch by blood to be a dutchman. if your dutch by blood you dont have to speak dutch to be dutch

What is the proper adjective for people from Holland?

Dutch! Dutch people, dutch tulips, dutch cheese!

What is 'I do not speak Dutch' in Dutch?

Ik spreek geen Nederlands is a Dutch equivalent of 'I do not speak Dutch'.

What does Dutch man mean?

A dutch man is a man from the Netherlands, or as we dutch say a dutch man is a "hollander"

Opposite gender of dutch?

Dutch is not a gender, it is a nationality. The Dutch are the inhibitants of The Netherlands and Dutch is the language they speak.

How do you say Dutch friend in Dutch?

Dutch friend = Nederlandse vriend

What group of settlers brought bowling to America?

dutch dutch dutch

Where was double dutch invented?

Double dutch was invented in England by the Dutch.

Is Madonna Dutch?

yes modonna is dutch her father was born dutch

From English to Dutch What is experimented in Dutch?

English- expiremented Dutch- experimenteerde

Who is Dutch?

There are more people Dutch. Most inhabitants of the Netherlands are Dutch.

Why is Dutch Harbour named Dutch Harbour?

It was first settled by the dutch.

What nicknames does Dutch Merrick go by?

Dutch Merrick goes by Dutch.

What nicknames does Dutch Hillenburg go by?

Dutch Hillenburg goes by Dutch.

What are Dutch farmers called?

Farmers means 'boeren' in Dutch. Dutch farmers means 'nederlandse (dutch) boeren'.

Can you become Dutch by marrying a Dutch citizen if you have lived for 5 years?

No. You cant be Dutch even if you have lived there all your life. You can only be dutch if your parents were dutch.

What is 'I' in Dutch?

Ik is a Dutch equivalent of 'I'.