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If you mated it with a Toyota you would have a Geota. And a Neon would produce a GeoNeo. Or NeoGeo. And if a pedestrian got in it would be a GeoPed or a GeosTrain. An Escort would render a Geoscort. A Geofiat would be fathered by a Fiat and a Geoguar crys for Mamma jaguar. A Mitsubishi could produce aGeoBishi. A Geolvo could have Babies On Board.......Sorry.

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Q: What vehicles interchange with a 1991 1.9 geo motor?
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Will a 1993 Geo Storm motor fit a 1991 Geo Tracker?


Willa 1993 Geo Metro motor fit a 1991 Geo Tracker?

How do you get a 1991 Geo prizm into overdrive?

My 1991 Geo Prizm LSI does not have overdrive My 1991 Geo Prizm LSI does not have overdrive

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 1991 Geo Metro 3 cylinder stick shift car?

Many are in the air duct near the blower motor.

Will a 1997 GEO Metro engine sohc interchange with a 1997 GEO Prizm dohc?

i dont think so.

Different vehicles with compatible parts for a 1991 Geo Metro?

The 1989-94 Geo Metro is the same car as a Suzuki Swift or the Pontiac Firefly. Most parts on those cars would be compatible.

Will a 89 Geo Tracker interchange with a 96 Geo Tracker?

give noun for object. question is 100% no good. sorry.

Will Geo Tracker front lockout hub interchange with a Kia Sportage?

i do not think so, geo tracker was not made by Kia .

Is a 1994 manual Geo Metro compatible with 1991 Geo Metro parts If so which ones?

Many of the parts will interchange. Some of the interior parts, especially around the dash board are different. Also, under the hood, electrical components and fuel components will be different. What specifically are you looking for? Mr Geo Metro

Changing thermostat in 1991 Geo Metro 1.3 liter?

changing the thermostat in a 1991 geo metro 1.3 liter

What parts off a 1993 Geo Metro will interchange with a 1995 Geo Metro?

No exterior parts will interchange because of a difference in generation that began in 95, very few interior parts may but not many. Mechanically quite a few parts will work together. The engine, transmission, axel parts, exhaust, etc will interchange.

Where is the water pump in the 1991 Geo Metro engine?

look at your belts. the pully between your motor and the altenator. This is your water pump pully. The back end of the unit should be attached to your motor block.

When was GEO Group Australia created?

GEO Group Australia was created in 1991.

Will a Geo Metro motor fit a 1992 geo storm?

sue in da house

Are the parts in a 1990 and a 1995 geo prizm interchangeable?

no, but a lot of parts from 93 thru 97 will interchange.

Where is the blower motor in a Geo Tracker?


Where is the EGR valve on a 1991 Geo Metro?

The 1991 Geo Metro EGR valve can be located on the air cleaner housing. The valve will be on the back of the housing.

Will a 1991 Geo Storm 1.6 L engine fit into a 1990 Geo Storm 1.6 L car?

Yes. Edit, yes, but if you are dealing with a swap from the SOHC to a DOHC other parts are needed like the motor mount and ECM.

Will a 95 Geo Metro 1.0 motor work in a 91 Geo Tracker automatic?


Will a gas tank for a 1993 Geo Prism interchange with a gas tank for a 1995 Geo Prism?

they should I would measure really well first and be careful that the tank is empty

Why is a 1992 geo prizm overheated?

i had 1991 geo prizm but i want to know what color memory wire??

Was Chevy geo its own car company?

Early GEO Prism was made in California and was nothing more than a rebadged Toyota Corolla. The Metro & Tracker were rebadged Suzuki vehicles made in Canada. The Spectrum & Storm were Suzuki vehicles made in Japan. Geo Metro convertibles & early Geo Trackers were made in Japan.

Geo prizm 1991?

as regulated air and fuel ?

Does the 1991 geo storm have a syphon guard?

Yes, it does.

Will a 85 geo metro engine work in 95 geo metro?

If its from 85 then its NOT a geo metro engine. It is probably a Chevrolet Sprint engine because they only started making Geos in 88. If you need an engine for your 95 Geo then you could use one of the following: 1991 - 1995 Geo Metro engine. 1991 - 1995 Suzuki Swift Engine, and 1991 - 1995 Pontiac FireFly engine. Hope this helps :)