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It is the vitamin A.

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Q: What vitamin deficiency causes loss of hair?
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What are the causes of hair loss?

Some of the causes of hair loss can be either genetic or allergy related. Those with hair loss may have a genetic deficiency that causes them to lose their hair. Another cause of hair loss can be severe or chronic allergies, specifically eczema.

What are possible causes of unwanted weight loss?

Malnutrition, poor nutrient absorption, vitamin deficiency, protein deficiency, cancer, or infection.

Are there vitamins that will decrease my hair loss problem?

If you are having hair loss due to a vitamin or protein deficiency then there are some vitamins and supplements you can take to change it.���Hair/���hair_���loss-nutrition.htm

What vitamin prevents hair loss?

The vitamin that prevents hair loss is Vitamin B or bioxin.

What vitamin deficiency could cause night blindness?

Loss of vision, particularly night vision, is a symptom of vitamin A deficiency.

What vitamin can grow your hair super long or help it grow long?

Consuming excessive amounts of any vitamin has not shown to increase hair growth, except in extreme situations when a person has been experiencing hair loss because of a vitamin deficiency.

Describe the most significant effects of vitamin C deficiency?

It cause scurvy,hair and tooth loss,joint pain and swelling

Can excessive exercise cause hair loss?

Excessive exercise will not cause hair loss unless it causes a hormonal imbalance. Excessive exercise associated with weight loss can create a nutritional deficiency, which could trigger hair loss.

What vitamin is responsible for the protection of hair loss?

Vitamin E

What happens if you have deficiency amount of vitamins?

depends what vitamin you have a deficiency in. For example a deficiency in vitamin A can cause severe visual impairment and blindness, and significantly increases the risk of severe illness, and even death, from such common childhood infections as diarrhoeal disease and measles.A deficiency in Vitamin E deficiency causes the central nervous system and may result in progressive neuromuscular disease characterized by loss of reflexes, muscle weakness, loss of balance and impaired ability to coordinate voluntary movements

What vitamins are good for hair loss?

Vitamin H ( = vitamin B8) it is found in nuts, milk, soy products... This vitamin is good for shiny, healthy hair, if damaged hair is the cause of hair loss, this vitamin will reduce it probably.

How can you tell if your guinea pig has a vitamin c diffenacy?

It may have hair loss or scabbing due to scurvy caused by a vitamin C deficiency. I give my pigs each a slice of orange once a week, they love it, and it clears the deficiency right up.

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