What vitamin deficiency causes weird cravings like cornstarch?

I vote for low blood iron (i.e. anemia) as the culprit. I have been eating cornstarch for approximately six years. The cravings started early in my pregnancy with my youngest son and, after starting on the prescribed prenatal vitamins and some heavy duty iron tablets, the craving subsided and the cornstarch didn't taste quite so yummy. I'm not sure which prescription resolved the deficiency, or if it was a combination of the two, but after about a week of taking the prenatals and iron, the cornstarch wasn't so appealing anymore.


Here is a cure for your cornstarch cravings and anemia:

Your local Asian supermarket will have frozen beef and pork blood available. Put a tablespoon of the blood in each serving of hot soups, chilis and stew. Beef and pork blood is obviously very high in iron. Your anemia will be gone within a few days of daily use.

Drink raw fruit smoothies. Put fresh or frozen fruits in blender with almond or soy milk (NO DAIRY or sweeteners) and add 1 teaspoon of chlorella or alfalfa powder. Pulse and blend. Drink. It's tasty and healthy and it will detox you.

That's all you need to do. I've been free of the cornstarch addiction for 5 months now and I don't miss it. And I'm losing weight.

As a side note: 95% of African-Americans are very allergic to dairy products. Consuming anything with lactose (like milk, white sauces, creams or cheeses) will lead to intestinal bleeding. Losing blood in the stool causes anemia. Dairy is not your friend!