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Vitamin C and B are the vitamins you should take to help your iron. It can be found in fruits such as Oranges and kiwis. In specific for vitamin B you should look for B-1 or B-12.

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Q: What vitamins can I take for a low iron count.?
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What is considered a low iron count?

A low serum iron level for women is under 50, and for men is under 65. There are earlier indications of low iron count as well, such as ferritin.

What vitamins are best if you have low iron?

Some great brands include Nature's Plus High Iron Vitamins, and prescribed medicinal vitamins as well. Check with your doctor; the ratio of iron free vitamins to iron supplying if about 10,000 to 1.

What causes low blood count?

A lack of iron tends to result in low blood count.

What causes a low blood count?

A lack of iron tends to result in low blood count.

What is a blood disease caused by low iron?

Iron-deficiency anemia is low red blood cell count due to low iron.

If red blood cells are low in your blood count?

Increase your iron consumption, in order to help your absorption of the iron take vitamin C.

What causes your blood count to be low?

Low Iron in the blood and Anima are common causes.

Best Muti vitamins for men with low iron?

nature made multi for men

Is one cup of cabbage a good source of iron?

Not particularly, no - cabbage has a low iron content. It is a storehouse of B vitamins, however.

Can a lack of iron produce a high mch in blood count?

No, but lack of iron could cause a low MCH

How can having low iron effect you?

Iron is a component of hemoglobin. It's the iron that carries to O2 to your cells. Low iron leads to anemia (low red cell count) which leads to cardiac failure. When someone is anemic, they tend to be very fatigued...

Can a senior take prenatal vitamins?

Yes, they can. In fact they are often prescribed for seniors when they have low iron levels. They can contribute to constipation, so precautions should be taken to avoid this.

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