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What voltage does New Zealand use?



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New Zealand uses 230 V @ 50 Hz, the same as the UK and Australia. Wall power outlets are the same as Australia - two flat live and neutral blades in an inverted-V shape, with a single vertical flat earth pin below

New Zealand's mains supply is incompatible with appliances designed for the US and Canada (120 V @ 60 Hz) - so do not attempt to put a US appliance in a NZ socket by bending the pins.

High voltage lines are usually at 230/400 V, 6.6kV, 11kV, 22kV (local distribution), 33kV, 50kV, 66kV (sub-transmission), 110kV, 220kV (transmission) and +/-350kV HVDC (the inter-island link connecting the North and South Islands across Cook Strait)