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The system is a 12 volt. The maximum charge rate should be less than 15 volts. The charging system needs to be tested, to see which component is NOT working properly. It could be the alternator, the voltage regulator, or the battery. The test is called a charging system check. Jim Bunting. Toronto.

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Q: What voltage should a buick regal 31 1990 v6 be mine charging at 15 volts is this to much as battery will no longer hold charge?
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Can 5v charger charge a 7.5v battery?

yes it just takes longer to charge, but check how much Amps (A) your charger gives out and how much Amps your battery can take if the battery has lower Amperage (A), don't do it, otherwise you're fine. <<>> No, the charging unit has to have a higher output that the battery voltage that it is charging. For example, on a 12 volt car battery the charging rate is 13.5 volts.

Why cellphone battery need initial charging?

Rechargeable batteries are generally stored and shipped with no charge. This allows for a longer battery life. Fully charging the battery the first time will give you the best results for maximum charge and battery life.

How can you tell pda battery needs replacing?

when you have to keep charging it frequently, as its no longer holding the charge.

What causes a battery to go dead?

battery no longer can store a electrical charge, a charging system failure, a parasitic draw,

Why ammeter sHow is higher current in discharging than charging?

The Ammeter is showing higher use that recharge is because if the battery is charged a too high a rate then you end up with what is called a float charge. You can actually over charge a lead acid battery to the point that it will start generating Hydrogen gas. In all essence you are boiling the battery dry when over charging. So to avoid this the voltage regulator controls the charging current going to the battery so the battery is not overcharged and damaged. Batteries given a slow charge will retain the charge better and longer than high current short term charging. It's like giving the battery a deep cycle charge the lower current and slower the charge the better the battery reserve and cold cranking amp level is maintained. Hope that helps

How long does it take to charge a 12 volt 150 AH DC battery?

The charging time will depend on how much of a charge was left in the battery and on the charger you use to charge the battery. The more energy you have to put back in it, the longer it will take for a given charger. And some chargers will be able to deliver more current than others. This will result in a higher charging rate, and a lower elapsed time for the charging cycle.

Can you use a different brand charger with a lower voltage and a hr?

Lower voltage, no, lower amps, yes. I will just take longer to charge the battery.

What could cause battery to die offten?

If your over charging your battery it ruins the battery therefore it will no longer holds a charge like it should. Trust me I killed two batteries before I learned why.

How much voltage comes out of a 12v battery charger when its charging?

A: If you means for a car it would be 13,68 volts minimum. But what is really important is the amperes out of it that is what is needed to charge a battery and that can be as high as 100 200 amperes out of the generator. Once the car has started the battery is no longer necessary to run it the generator and the regulator will just do fine.

Why is your phone not charging?

Possible items to consider: - the charger is not plugged in, - the phone battery is old and no longer accepts a charge, - the batteries are installed backwards.

What voltage should marine battery be charged?

They are all 12 volt. i charge my marine battery for 6 to 8 hrs. on 6 volt. the less voltage with a longer time is best. the faster the charge the more the lead plates in the battery disintegrate. slow and easy for long life of any battery

What is wrong with a car if there is no noise just buzzing and you've had the battery on charge for 1 hr?

Your battery may be to old to even hold a charge. try charging it a little longer and if you have a volt meter ,you should read about 12.5v. if not ,then you need a new battery.

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