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What war had a fear of nuclear war?

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It may be:

  • the war between North Korea and its neighbors (Japan, South Korea),
  • the war in the Middle East between Israel and its neighbors, or
  • the war between the West (USA and EU) and Russia
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It was a nuclear bomb. Everyone was afraid of a nuclear bomb. The nuclear power plant malfunctioned. The Cold War was about fear of nuclear attack.

Fear of Nuclear War Fight against Communism / Spread of Communism

They feared the cold war turning nuclear-hot.

The US feared Nuclear attacks from Russia and the start of World War 3Americans were afraid that a nuclear bomb would hit the US during the cold war.

War fear that the Nazis would do it first - then there would be no chance to stop them.

Because the USSR had nuclear bombs that they were threatening to use on the Americans.

a fear that they both would be destroyed in nuclear war. That is called Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)

now do you mean after the cold war or during. if during it was from all the fear of nuclear attack

Fear of Public Speaking is number one. Fear of death. Fear of nuclear war/terror attacks. Fear of snakes. Fear of spiders/bugs. Fear of loss-husband/wife/parent/child Fear of injury/loss of capacity Fear of weather/storms Fear of dark Fear of drowning

Stalin backed down in fear of nuclear war and took the missiles out of cuba

it brought fear to the united states that a nuclear weapon were being formed

A nuclear arms race combined with fear and suspicion could lead to a disastrous nuclear war.

I wouldn't know for sure, but the fear of nuclear annihilation had not been formed yet. That does not mean fear of war didn't exist.

Atomosophobia - fear of atomic explosions.

Answer: They feared they where on the verge of a nuclear war, which could be disasterous on the borders. Also, they feared of an economic downfall.

NATO, like the UN, was formed because of fear after WWII of a nuclear war or more major violence. -CMoorzy

The first nuclear war was World War 2.

Fear that the North Vietnamese would obtain nuclear weapons themselves (from Russia or China) and use them on South Vietnam or even on America.

Yes. Everyone is very scared of the nuclear war, once the nuclear war have broken out no one will survive. Hope that the nuclear war will not happen.


Nucleomituphobia is the fear of nuclear weapons.

There has never been a Nuclear War

There was no nuclear war. There was a continual threat of nuclear war during the Cold War, but luckily it never happened.

The Hydrogen bomb was a major fear that people in postwar America had about the use of nuclear weapons.

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