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The Korean War (Korean Conflict)

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Q: What war was it when the US fought on the side of South Korea against China and North Korea?
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How was the United Nations apart of the Korean War?

The USA, and the United Nations, fought with South Korea, against North Korea, after North Korea (assisted by China and Russia) invaded South Korea in 1950.

Where did the US and communist China fight?

No America never fought with China , but they fought with North Korea.

Similarities between Afghanistan war and Vietnam war?

There are none; The Vietnam War was fought against another nation (North Vietnam); just as Korea was fought against North Korea (and Red China); and WWII was fought against the countries of Germany, Japan and Italy. The US is NOT at war with Afghanistan.

What country fought with North Koreans?

China fought with the North Koreans if you want to know who helped them fight. South Korea fought against them if that's what your asking.

The Korean war was fought between only the us and china?

US & UN (and South Korea, if they weren't part of the UN) against Red China & North Korea.

In the early 1950 the us fought who?

North Korea and China.

Where the US involved any war in the 1950?

The Korean war (1950-1953) was fought between north Korea, China and the Soviet Union against the UN and south Korea

Who was North Korea and China against?

South Korea, the United States, and the West

What countries fought each other in Korea in the cold war?

The UN fought North Korea, Red China. The US was part of the UN.

Has South Korea fought the US?

No, the U.S. and South Korea were allies against North Kores.

Who fought on the side of North Korea?

Answer ChinaChina, assuming you are asking about the 1950 war against south Korea and the united nations. ^ whoever wrote that you are clearly a brainless oaf what other war was there with north Korea

What Asian countries has the US fought?

Japan was the only Asian country that the US had fought in a declared war. Undeclared wars were fought against North Korea, North Vietnam , Cambodia , Laos and their ally, the Peoples' Republic of China.

In the Korean war who fought on the side of the communists?

North Korea was communist. Red China entered the later in 1950, becoming an ally to North Korea.

Who fought in mig alley?

North Korea against American flying forces

What statement best describes the opposing sides in the Korean War?

united nations forces fought against comunist north Korea and soldiers from communist china

What world organization involving 22 countries including the us fought against north Korea?

The United Nations approved the use of military force against North Korea.

What side of the Korean War did America fight with?

The U.S. fought on the side of South Korea, against North Korea.

Who are allies of the north Korea?

China and Iran, although China has been getting fed up with North Korea's behavior in recent years and is starting to turn against them

Does North Korea get along with China?

China and North Korea do get along.

What role did the US and the UN play in the Korea war?

The U.S. and the U.N. fought on the side of South Korea against communist North Korea.

Who fought the Korean war on the side of north Korea?

China Why: Because when US and South Korea Almost got to China, China was worryed the US is tryng to Concur land from them

Is China in North or South Korea?

China, North Korea, and South Korea are all different countries.

Did American and south Korean troops fought against each other?

No, South Korea and the U.S. were on the same side. Both were fighting against North Korea.

Which side did China take in the Korean War?

China backed North Korea against the UN troops.

What two countries fought the Korean war?

Two countries? Over twenty countries were involved in the Korean War! The war was between South Korea and North Korea. The United States, Great Britain, and several other countries fought on the side of South Korea. The Soviet Union (now Russia) and China fought on the side of North Korea.