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What was Annie Oakley's hobbies as a kid?

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shooting for supper at night and house cleaning

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annie oakleys influences and role modles were frank buttler the press and her parents

Anne Oakleys husband was Frank Butler.

Annie Oakley did not go to school!

She was a sharpshooter and a showman.

Wild West Sharpshooter

Annie oakley's career was being a sharpshooter, it was what she did for many years of her life.

Annie Oakley's mothers middle name was Wise.

Annie Oakley had a little brother called Little Jake.

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I think Annie oakleys favorite color is blue because she was a tom boy.

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Anne Oakley never had any education at all.

The US Civil War and World War I.

What is Annie Oakley hobby

It began when she joined the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

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Annie Oakley's siblings names were Mary Jane, Lydia, Elizabeth, Sara Ellen, Catherine, Phoebe (of course!!) John, Hulda, and Annie did have another sibling, but he died before he got named.

She enjoyed literature especially Shakespeare

Annie said: "A kid should never be ABUSED and NEGLECTED".

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Annie Oakley loved to explore through the fields and hunt and trap animals.

It has no medical diagnosis. He could be said that he died of Melancholy or of sadness. He refused to eat after Annie's death, and died and died 18 days later.

Annie is the best name for a girl.

Annie Oakley - 1954 The Waco Kid - 3.22 was released on: USA:28 October 1956

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