Britain in WW2

What was Britain's treaty with Poland?

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Basically, Britain promised to help Poland militarily if Germany attacked. There was no reference to Germany. The promise and later the treaty guaranteed help for Poland if its sovereignty (independence) was threatened by military force.

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How did Britain and France react to Hitler's invasion on Poland?

what was britains and france's response to the invasion of poland and why?

What did Britain declare war on Germany?

because germany stole britains weed and the british want it back so they can get high again Lol^ Realy because Hitler went against a treaty by invading Poland which threatened British safety

How was Poland impacted by the Treaty of Tordesillas?

The Treaty of Tordesillas (1494) divided newly discovered lands outside of Europe between exploring superpowers Spain and Portugal. Poland was never a great imperialist country and thus the Treaty of Tordesillas had no direct impact on Poland.

Where did Poland come from?

Poland was originally Prussia, but after the German Empire's defeat in WW1 Prussia and Russia had a treaty which annexed Austria and made POLAND

What was the Treaty of Amity?

Answer The treaty of Amity was when England promised Poland that they would help them out if they ever got in trouble with another country. Then Germany invaded Poland so England had to help out. By Bryce

What war ended wjth the signing of the Treaty of Paris?

The Treaty of Pars ended the American Revolution. See related link below for the full story of the signing and who was present for the signing of the treaty. (The French were involved because they fought with the Americans against the Britains.)

What agreement allowed Hitler to invade Poland?

There was no agreement which allowed the German Nazis to invade Poland. There was a secret agreement with Russian for both countries to attack Poland. The Versailles Treaty forbid Germany from committing any acts of aggression. Their attack violated the treaty and this upset the Brits and the French. They declared war on the Germans following the violation of the Treaty.

Why did Britain go to war when Hitler invaded Poland?

Britain went to war because of a mutual treaty between Britain and Poland.

Which country won its independence with the Treaty of Versailles?

Poland won its independence from Germany with the Treaty of Versailles. Czechoslovakia was also recognized as an independent country. The Treaty of Versailles was passed in 1919.

Poland recently became a member of the?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

What was the treaty that started WW2?

The Nazi-soviet pact of 1939 to invade Poland

Poland recently became a member of which organization?

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Why did the British declare war on Germany?

I presume you are talking about WW2. Britain & France had a treaty with Poland to ensure Poland's safety and when Germany invaded Poland in 1939 this treaty was violated and therefore Britain & France had no option but to go to Poland's aid

What did Germany and the Soviet Unoin agreed to after the invasion of Poland?

they agreed to split Poland in half and not to attack each other, but Germany broke that secret treaty later

Which country finally entered war II because of the invasion of Poland in sepember 1939?

Great Britain entered WW2 because of an alliance treaty with Poland.

How did Germany violate Treaty of Versailles?

Germany violated the Treaty of Versailles by rebuilding their military. A part of the treaty was that Germany was not allowed to have a large military because of their aggressive actions in WWI. They also violated the treaty by invading Poland on September 1, 1939.

What was one factor that can be traced to the start of WWII?

Germany invading Poland brought Britain to come to Poland's aid due to a treaty between Poland and Britain. War was declared when Hitler refused to withdraw from Poland.

What happend to Poland as aresult of the invasion and how Britain and France respond to it?

Poland was invaded by Adolf Hitler, German forces and the Nazis. Britain and France declared war against Germany due to having a treaty with Poland.

Why did England declare war on Germany after the invasion of Poland?

germanys invasion of Poland was the last straw in many violations of the treaty of varsailles [ a treaty that severly limited germanys power, established after WWI] and England, fearing an invasion [ especilly since churchill had a large part in aforementioned treaty] so they declared war along with France.

What was the final German offense in World War 2?

The invasion of Poland. This violated a treaty pack that Poland had with Great Brittan and forced Brittan to "declare" war on Germany and come to the defense of Poland. Poland was taken anyway and war continued for several years.

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