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Goode shaped for Norfolk Southern a four-pronged business strategy that served his company well. The four key goals of Goode's strategy were.

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Q: What was David Goode's strategy for Norfolk Southern?
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When was David Goode promoted to president of Norfolk Southern?

1991-1992, president

What positions has David Goode held at Norfolk Southern?

Norfolk Southern Corporation, 1982-1985, assistant vice president of taxation; 1985-1991, vice president of taxation.

When did David Goode become CEO of Norfolk Southern?

1992-, president, chairman, and CEO.

When was David Goode EVP of administration at Norfolk Southern?

1991, executive vice president for administration

When was David Goode VP taxation at Norfolk Southern?

1985-1991, vice president of taxation

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When was David Goode assistant VP of tax for Norfolk Southern?

1982-1985, assistant vice president of taxation

How did David Goode secure the Conrail deal for Norfolk Southern?

Goode began a campaign to persuade Conrail shareholders to reject the planned merger with CSX, which they did on January 17, 1997.

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When was David Goode promoted to director of taxation at Norfolk and Western?

1971-1981, director of taxation