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Due to France's alliances between Great Britain and Russia, in which they declared war, they decided to join and help their allies.

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What was the reason for the US joining World War 1?

* it was because of that and the Zimmerman telegram

What caused different countries to take part in World War 2?

allied powers & every country had its own reason for joining the war

What has the author Frances Long written?

Frances Long has written: 'Half a World Away' -- subject(s): Autobiography, Japanese Prisoners and prisons, World War II, World War, 1939-1945

Who were Frances allies in World War 2 not World War 1?

Britain, US, Russia, Canada, Australia.

What were the pros and cons of US joining World War 1?

The pros for the United States joining World War 1 include the reputation of a strong country,they had many alliances, and political gain on the world system. The cons of them joining the war include death, great casualties, and the loss of military strength.

What led the united states into joining World War 2?

the bombings on pearl harbor gave a valid reason for america to join the war which they were going to do sooner or later because england and france were their allies

Which event caused Britain enter worls war 1?

The German invasion of Belgium was the official reason for Britain joining the war.

What has the author Frances Thorpe written?

Frances Thorpe has written: 'British official films in the Second World War' -- subject(s): Film catalogs, Motion pictures in propaganda, Propaganda, World War, 1939-1945

Were Americans Universal in their desire to enter World War 1?

No. Its reason for joining the War is because the three ships that were, sank shot by Germany as they used the illegal power (unrestricted submarine warfare). Alvin Saptauli

Why did African Americans started joining the army in World War 2?

it was mandatory for black citizens to enlist in world war 2

The reasons were used by countries for joining world war 1?

I think it is because Germany wanted war.

Did japan invading china lead to America joining world war 1?

No, not World War I. There was a Japanese invasion of China that was one of the things leading to World War II.

Why did America profit heavily before joining World War 1?

America profited heavily before joining World War 1 because it maintained trade relations with both sides. It continued to trade with all its pre-war partners, at least at the beginning of the war.

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