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What was France called when it was part of the ancient Roman Empire?


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June 19, 2016 7:59PM

France was called Gallia, which meant Gaul, because it was inhabited by the Gauls. Gallia also included Belgium ad Luxembourg. The First part which was conquered by the Romans was southern France, which they originally called Gallia Transalpina (Gaul the other side of the Alps) to distinguish it from Gallia Cisalpina, which was the part of northern Italy which was also inhabited by Gauls. When it was turned into a Roman province it was also called Gallia Narbonensis, after its provincial capital, Narbo (Narbonne). The Julius Caesar conquered the rest of Gaul and joined Gallia Cisalpina to Italy. The Transalpina and Cisalpina distinction became redundant. Gaul was divided into four provinces: Gallia Narbonenisis, Gallia Aquitania (south-western France), Gallia Lugdunensis (central France,and part of northern France) and Gallia Belgica (Belgium and part of northern France).