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By tradition he had no first name and in that same tradition his name was

changed upon his death. To address persons in such an exalted position

by anything but their title would have been an overly familiar gesture or

even an act of disrespect. Japanese tradition after all held that he was a

god. He was born as Prince Michi no miya and when he was elevated to

Emperor on the death of his father he became Emperor Hirohito. When

he died his name was again changed. In Japanese tradition he is now only spoken of as Emperor Showa.

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Q: What was Hirohito first name in World War 2?
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What did Hirohito do in World War 2?

He was the Emperor. Everything done, was in his name.

What was the name of the leader of japan in World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito .

Who was emperor hirohito during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito was Japan's leader.

Where was Emperor Hirohito the emperor of World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito was the head of Japan.

Which country did hirohito lead?

Emperor Hirohito was the Emperor of Japan during World War 2.

What was the name of the emperor of Japan during World War 2?

The emperor of Japan during WW2 was Emperor Hirohito.

What was the name of the declaration emperor hirohito sign to end World War 2?

the sun in a box rising up

Who was the leader of japan during world war 2 in war?

Emperor Hirohito.

Role of hirohito in World War 2?

Hirohito was Emperor of Japan. But that is a good question as the Emperor was not that involved in the daily decisions that involved the Army and the war.

Japans World War 2 emperor?

Emperor Hirohito.

What person ended world war 2?

emperor hirohito?

Who was the king of World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito of Japan

Why was Hirohito important during world war 2?

He was the leader.

Who was the emporer during world war 2?

Hirohito of Japan .

Where was Hirohito during World War I?

Japan. It was not called World War 1 at the time. It was called The Great War. After World War 1, he went on a World Tour promoting peace. It was the first time a Japanese Emperor had ever left Japan.

Who is Japan's leader?

The Emperor. At the time of world war-II, He was Emperor Hirohito. His son is the tacit successor in present day Japan existing within the purview of Japanese constitution. His Name is Akihito Hirohito.

Who controlled japan during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito was the emperor during World War 2.

Who were the Japanese political leaders during World War 2?


Who was the emperor of japan during World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito

Who commanded japan during world war two?

Emperor Hirohito.

Who was japans emperor during World War II?

Emperor Hirohito

Why was hirohito important to world war 2?

because he was japans emperor

Japanese emperor during world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito.

Who was president during World War 2 for japan?

Emperor Hirohito

Who was the Japanese premier during World War 2?

Emperor Hirohito