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What was Hitler's extermination of the Jews called?

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* Final Solution [of the Jewish question] * Holocaust

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Which countries Jews were at the bottom of Hitlers list?

The question is ambiguous. It could mean 'last on the list for extermination' or 'regarded as the lowest'.

How was hitlers treatment of the Jews in world war 2?

how was hitlers treatment of the Jews

What were the riots aganist Jews called?

If you mean when Hitlers dictatorship then it's called 'The Holocaust'.

Hitlers plan to exterminate all jews?

Was called the final solution.

Was hitlers concept of aryan race as the master race was used to justify the extermination of the Jews?

yes, they believed that as betters they did not want lesser people polluting their world.

How did the Nazis deport Jews to extermination camps?

The Nazis deported Jews to extermination camps by cattle cars.

What was hitlers hatred towerd the Jews called?

Hitler's hatred did not have a name, but his plan was called, "The Final Solution."

What were Hitlers crimes?

Hitlers crimes were trying to kill all of the Jews

Which Jews went to Auschwitz?

Mostly, Polish Jews. ----------------------------------------- By 1943 Auschwitz was the only extermination centre, so all Jews who were set for extermination went there, for example the Hungarian Jews.

What were the camps called where the Nazis sent the Jews?

Concentration camps, forced labor camps and extermination camps. From late 1941 on most of the Jews were sent to extermination camps, where they were killed within 12-48 hours of arrival.

When did nazis begin to deport jews to extermination camps?

In 1939/1940 the first mass deportation of Jews were sent to the Extermination camp.

What was Anne franks school called?

Montessori school for Jews because of hitlers anti-Jew laws

What does the term the final solution refer?

The answer to what the Nazis called the "Jewish Question" that is the extermination of all European Jews.

Execution of Jews?

The mass extermination of Jews by German dictator Adolf Hitler was called the Holocaust. Between 1941 and 1945 six million Jews were killed in concentration camps.

Why did they choose the Jews for the extermination camp?

The Jews were sent to extermination camps because the Nazis were trying to get rid of them. They believed that Jews were inferior to them. Extermination camps were just one of the several inhumane ways they got rid of them. And the Jews weren't the only ones sent there, but they were the main targeted group.

Who was the holocaust?

the extermination of jews by adolf hitler

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