What was Hitler's religious background?

He was brought up as a Roman Catholic and was an altar boy. Later he lapsed but was still much given to talking about 'providence'. === === === === Like all Austrians, Adolf Hitler was raised in the Roman Catholic Church. When he left his native Linz and moved to Vienna in his late teens, he fell in with a crowd of German nationalists who, because of their rabid Judeophobia, insisted that Christianity was a Jewish invention designed to enslave the Aryan race. Because of this influence, Hitler renounced the faith of his childhood though he continued to utilize Christian imagery and vocabulary in his speeches and books. While it is true that the Nazis attempted to revive Germanic/Norse Paganism as the official religion of the state, Hitler himself was never actually a believer like Himmler and other leading Nazis. Nonetheless, Hitler regarded the Catholic Church as his principle ideological foe and ordered attacks on it several times throughout his twelve years in power; this policy was the opposite of the one taken with Protestant (Lutheran) churches in Northern Germany, which Hitler viewed as more flexible to the tenets of Nazism than the institutional Church of Rome. These policies, if anything, reveal that near the end of his life, any affection or solidarity Hitler felt towards the Catholic Church or Christianity in general had long since vanished. Though it is not accurate to say that Hitler was a devotee of any particular religious ideology after he left his childhood home, he did have an unshakeable faith in his own destiny and that of the German people.