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Q: What was Justin biebers fav hockey team?
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What is justin biebers fav football team?

Justin's fav team and ever book mag and persons says this and it is right it is CHELSEA

What is Justin biebers fav boy name?


What is Justin Bieber favoute color?

Justin Biebers fav colour is purple

What is Justin Biebers fav kind of syle?

His swagger and fans

What is Justin biebers fav land after Canada?

United Kingdom

What is Justin Biebers fav sports team?

his favorite team is the new york yankees. that's why he is always wearing ny baseball hats.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite town?

Justin Biebers Fav town is Stratford Ontario

Is justin biebers fav number 6 or 7?

Its 6 not 7

Why is justin biebers fav animal a dog?

because he likes then daa

Who is all justin biebers cosins?

Angalea Capri Krupski is his fav cosin!!!!!!!!!!

What would be Justin Biebers favorite date?

Justin biebers fav date would be going to the pictures then going for a walk on the beach he said on an interview

Who is Justin Biebers fav person to hang out with?

Justin beibers favorite person to hang out with is his family and friends.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is the LOS ANGELAS LAKERS.his favorite player from that team is, Kobe BryantHe loves the Los Angelos Lakers, and his fav player is Kobe Bryantlos angles lakersJustin Bieber fav. b-ball team is the Kentucky Wildcats because he likes John Callipari.According to an interview, she is quite a fan of England's national netball team. When asked to clarify if that's what she really meant, she said that's what she really meant.what is Justin biebers fav basketball team He likes the Cavs

What is Justin biebers fav girl type hair?

According to Justin's best friend Chaz Sommers, Justin likes brunettes.

Justin Biebers favorite word to say?

his fav. word is shawty or shorty thank you for the questions

What is Justin biebers fav song in your world albem?

his favorite song in his album is one time.

What is Justin biebers fav thing to do when he has free time?

Go to his home town to see his firends

Is it true that Justin Biebers favourite color is blue?

yes it is! but he alsos has another favorite colour! PURPLE!!1 Justin biebers 2 fav colours are BLUE AND PURPLE (:

What coulor are Justin biebers shoes?

Well they are different but his fav color is purple so when he is performing is shoes are purple.

What is jb favorite color?

Justin drew biebers favorite color is purple and blue he has 2 fav colers not onePURPLE!

What sport did Justin Bieber like?

hockey,basketball,baseballjbs fav spport is basketball. i think

What is Justin Bieber's favorite state?

He probably likes all 50 statesJustin biebers hometown is canada he also states that he is a proud canadian so probably canadaHis favorite state in the US is an interveiw justin said FloridaJustin Biebers does not have a fav state butt he does have a fav province which is Ontario!

What is Justin Bieber fav thing to do when not singing?

play basketball and hockey, watch movies, hangout with friends

Is Katy Perry your fav artist?

One of them ! She is awesome! But JusTin BieBer is my fav!

What Justin's fav baseball team?

None, he only likes men's water polo, all other sports are irrelevant!