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the albumes were Justin Bieber my world 2.0 and my world acustic version. :)

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What is the name of justin biebers new fragrance?

Justin Biebers new fragrance is called Someday.

When Is Justin Biebers New Album Coming Out?

The new Justin Bieber " My World" 2.0 is coming out on March 23, 2010.Actually, Justin HAs Recorded A New Album Called My Worlds Accoustic.. I Think. The Release Date HAs Not Been Decided Yet. But Follow My Twitter @LuvShawtyBiebz For Justin Bieber Updates :)

How much money is Justin biebers new album?

jutin biebers new album is 12 dollars

When does Justin Biebers new album your world 2 come out in 2010?

Its called My World 2.0 and it comes out on March 23rd

What is Justin Biebers movie called?

Justin Biebers New Movie Is Called Never Say Never And It Comes Out On February 11, 2011.

What songs are on Justin Biebers album baby?

Justin biebers new album isn't called baby it is called my world part 2... the only songs that have been released are baby and never let you go. it will come out in February 2010

What is Justin biebers new album gunna be called?

Justin Bieber's new album will be called My World.

When is Justin Biebers new movie?

Hes not making a movie

What the name of Justin biebers new girlfriend?

Justin bieber does not have a new girlfriend .. he's dating selena gomez

What is Justin Biebers film called?

Justin Bieber's new movie is called "Never Say Never".

When is Justin Biebers new movie coming out?

Justin bieber is coming in this movie that is called valentines day ( :

Do they have Justin Bieber's new CD in the Boaz Alabama Walmart?

yes they do have Justin Biebers new CD in Boaz Alabama wallmart

What is the style of Justin Biebers new hair style?

The new Justin Bieber hairstyle:) I really dunno, i think it dosent have a name:))

What happin to Justin Biebers foot in New Year's Eve of 2010?

Justin Bieber broke his foot while singing one time on stage because he tripped on omething while coming on stage

Where is justin biebers cisins?

his cisins are in new york and boise also macall

When is Justin Biebers book come out in New Zealand?

I'm sorry but Justin Bieber is married to Danielle King .

When did misletoe of Justin Bieber come out?

Justin Biebers new song Mistletoe came out on October 18th 2011

Is jaxon Bieber Justin Biebers half brother and are Justin Biebers parents together again?

Justin Bieber's parents are not together. Jaxon Bieber is Justin's half brother. Justin's dad and his new wife are Jaxon's parents.(:

What time does Justin Biebers new CD come out?

Justin Bieber's "My World" CD came out already but "My World 2.0" comes out March 23rd 2010 which as of right now is two days from now on Tuesday.

When Does Justin Biebers Album Come out in New Zealand?

Tomorrow. Well in new zeland that would be today

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