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What was Mussolinis nickname?

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"Il Duce" . (The Duke)

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What did mussolinis fascist party want?


What was Mussolinis first act of aggression?

The invasion of Etheopia.

How did mussolinis policies reflect his attitude toward women?


What was Benito mussolinis favourite football team?

Lazio !

What was Benito mussolinis job?

he was most known as an Italian dictator

What were Benito Mussolinis jobs?

I don`t know for gods sake

Benito Mussolinis favorite quote?

what is the benito mussolini favorite quotes

What was the African Theatre in World War 2?

mussolinis conquering of ethiopia

Who is Benito mussolinis real name?

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini.

Who was anti-Communist and had Benito Mussolinis leadership style?

Adolf Hitler

What was Italy responsible for after Mussolinis?

Study island? ya me too, invasion of ethiopia

What is the value of an original photo of Mussolini's execution?

value of mussolinis war photos

What was Benito Mussolinis wife named?

Ida Irene Dalser (1880 - 11 December 1937) was Mussolinis possible first wife. Donna Rachele Mussolini (11 April 1890 - 30 October 1979) was his second wife.

What was Benitos Mussolinis title during World War 2?

il duce which means, the leader

Benito Mussolinis son Romano married a woman named Maria Who was Marias sister?

Sophia Loren

What was Mussolinis position in world war 2?

he was the fascist dictator of Italy, until it changed sides, at which time he was executed

How many people were killed under Benito Mussolinis rule?

He killed 300,000 but not personally his political party killed them for him as he had ordered.

What was Benito Mussolinis parties symbol?

It was the fasces (a bundle of sticks featuring an axe, indicating the power over life and death.)

How did mussolinis program hurt the people?

It was very similar to communism making people give their rights up to the government or state.

What were Benito Mussolinis political beliefs?

Benito Mussolini's political views were Communist

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