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train south vietnamese troops to replace the us troops

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What did nixons plan call for?

ending the vietnam war

Did nixons plan for leaving Vietnam work?

Half of it did. The US got out, but the North won the war (took over the South).

How did Nixons approach to Vietnam differ than johnsons?

LBJ was cautious. Nixon was aggressive.

President nixons vietnamization of the Vietnam war ment?

More American troops were coming home.

What were president nixons achievements abroad?

1974 he ended the Vietnam war. Opened China to trade.

What was part of president nixons plan of peace with honor?

An exchange of prisoners of war with north Vietnam

What was nixons plan for peace in Vietnam?

Cease the B-52 bombings of North Vietnam, regain our POW's being held in the North, and depart the country.

What was the ultimate goal of president nixons vietnamization policy?

Novanet ~ South Vietnam would learn to defend itself

What was president Nixons stance on Vietnam?

Nixon's stance on Vietnam was that it served no purpose whatsoever. In fact, he was the one who called back American troops and put a stop to the war.

What was Richard Nixons slogan?

For the future.Bring Us Together

What was the ultimate goal for president Nixons Vietnamization plan?

Nova Net Review Test Answer: That South Vietnam would learn to protect itself.

What was Nixons plan to end the vietnam war?

Nixon had been elected on a promise to Vietnamize the war, meaning more fighting would be turned over to the South Vietnamese army, and to start bringing home American troops. When the President ordered US troops into Cambodia and ordered more bombings, the result was a tremendous uproar at home with more marches and demonstrations. Congress reacted to the antiwar feeling and repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution which gave the President the authority to send troops and fight the war in Vietnam. The United States did not lose the Vietnam War. Although some may argue that by pulling out of South Vietnam we did just that.

What was president Nixons invasion of Cambodia about?

He wanted COSVN either destroyed or captured. COSVN was the "Central Office of South Vietnam." An enemy headquarters in Cambodia.

President nixons policy of vietnamization of the war in Vietnam called for what?

answer- a gradual handover of the ground war to South Vietnamese follow on twitter/instagram @bryanelffie

What did Richard Nixon promise to do if he was elected?

he promised to "withdraw troops from Vietnam"

How did Gerald Ford help with the fall of Vietnam?

Gerald Ford wanted to end the war. He just wanted to get out the US out of it. Despite their promise to respect the government of South Vietnam, the North came in even just as the Americans were getting out.

Why did the Americans make war with Vietnam?

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

How is Vietnam different from the US?

Vietnam is a communist nation; the US is not.

Where did the US invade Vietnam?

The US never invaded Vietnam.

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

Did Vietnam beat US in the Vietnam war?

The US has never fought with a nation called "Vietnam."

Why did the US invade Vietnam?

I don't believe the US did invade Vietnam. The US was an invited participant and adviser in an ongoing conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

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