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Operation Torch was the allied invasion of Vichy France's North African territories. This was to open a front on the German army in Africa. The Invasion was the largest anphib assualt in History. Until Operation: Overlord. It involved American troops sailing from the USA to Gibraltra Then to one of 3 landing sites.

AnswerIt should not be forgotten that American and British troops took part in the invasion. It was the first major Anglo - American invasion of the 2nd ww.
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Q: What was Operation Torch and how was it important to World War 2?
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What were two important battles fought during World War 2 1942?

Battle of Midway and Operation Torch.

When America entered World War 2 they planned Operation Torch an invasion of?

Originally called Operation Gymnast, Operation Torch was the British-American invasion of French North Africa during the second african campaign during World War 2.

What was the code name Operation Torch used for in World War 2?

Northern Africa

What is desert war in World War 2?

it's happened in north africa. it's called operation torch

What effect did operation torch have on the outcome of the World War 2?

The German force had weaken from Africa

When America entered World War 2 they planned Operation Torch an invasion of what country?

French North Africa

Who was the leader of the operation torch?

Operation Torch was the invasion of North Africa in World War 2 during the North African Campaign and started on 8 November 1942 by British and American forces and was led by Eisenhower with substantial UK support

When America entered world war ii they planned operation torch an invasion of?

British-American invasion of French North Africa

Where did Operation Torch of World War 2 take place?

Morocco and Algeria. They are independent nations today, but in World War 2 they (along with Tunisia) comprised French North Africa.

What was the death toll for operation torch?

Operation Torch (initially called Operation Gymnast) was the British-American invasion of French North Africa in World War II during the North African Campaign, started November 8, 1942. The Death toll for both sides was put at 1,815+.

How was Operation Torch important for World War 2?

This war was the first major English/American invasion of WW2. Leaving Italy wide open for invasion! This war was the first major English/American invasion of WW2. Leaving Italy wide open for invasion!

What is the turning point in the war end of operation torch?

The second Battle of El Alamein

When the United states entered the war in Europe where did it attack first?

North Africa on Operation Torch

What was the code name for the Allied invasion of North Africa during World War 2?

The largely US invasions in Morocco & Algeria were called Operation Torch

What has the author James F Sunderman written?

James F. Sunderman has written: 'World War II in the air' -- subject(s): Bomber Command, Operation Barbarossa, Operation Overlord, 8th Air Force, Operation Market, Operation Flax, Operation Bolero, Battle of Britain, Operation Gomorrah, Operation Millennium, D-DAG, 2. verdenskrig, Esser, Operation Strangle, Operation Torch, Operation Dynamo, Me 262 Sturmvogel, Operation Sea Lion, Operation Varsity, V-2, V-1 'World War II in the air: the Pacific'

What was the purpose of the invasion of Operation Torch in North Africa and Italy?

During World War II, the purpose of Operation Torch was to liberate North Africa from Axis occupation and, thus, to pave the way for invasions of mainland Europe. This operation was, in fact, successful, although it was not until early 1943 that the African coast was Axis-free and operations against Italy's home territories could commence.

What was Operation Torch?

Torch was the code Name given to the invasion of Algeria region in French north Africa carried out in November 1942 by the Allied forces in order to take from the back the Axis Army that was fighting in Libya against the British Army led by Montgomery. The invasion was counterbalanced by the Axis army which managed to invade Tunisia, thus prolonging the war in North Africa until May 1943. Operation Torch was the British American invasion of French north Africa during the north African campaign of the second world war. Initially it was called as Operation Gymnast.

When did the United States intercede in World War II?

The USA entered World War 2 after the attack on Pearl Harbor in on 7th of December 1941. The intercession of USA in Europe started in November 1942 with the combined European and American forces landing in France in Operation Torch.

Major operations of World War 2 in Europe?

These are a few Allied campaigns: Operation Torch was the British and American invasion of North Africa. Operation Husky was the Allied invasion of Sicily. Operation Overlord was the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day Operation Market Garden was an Allied attempt to enter Germany by controlling several bridges and cities in the Netherlands. The operation was a major failure however.

What has the author Arthur Layton Funk written?

Arthur Layton Funk has written: 'Charles de Gaulle: the crucial years, 1943-1944' -- subject(s): World War, 1939-1945 'The politics of TORCH' -- subject(s): Diplomatic history, Operation Torch, World War, 1939-1945 'L'allie inattendu. resistants forces speciales & armees regulieres au combat pour la libe du sud-est' 'The Second World War' -- subject(s): Bibliography, World War, 1939-1945

How did Operation Torch contribute to the Allies victory in World War 2?

This question wants an answer that would involve pages of an answer. Operation Torch with the Battle of Tunisia brought about the surrender of the German Afrika Corp and then end of the Nazi power in Northern Africa. The entire campaign was complicated and convoluted. Please read about it on the related links so you can understand how complex it was and how it finally contributed to the Allied Forces Victory.

Is Operation Barbarossa a famous war?

It wasn't a war, it was an operation during World War 2. Operation Barbarossa was the codename for the German invasion of Soviet Russia in 1941. Pretty decisive stuff.

What O words for world war 2?


Where did operation torch take place?

Morocco and Algeria. They are independent nations today, but in World War 2 they (along with Tunisia) comprised French North Africa.Read more: Where_did_Operation_Torch_of_World_War_2_take_place

What made the end of operation torch a critical moment or tuning point in the war?

It marked the beginning of the U.S. land effort against Axes forces.