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What was Rhode Island's function?

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It was an experiment in religious freedom and tolerance.

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How much islands are in rhode island have?

Rhode island has 3 islands

What is Rhode Islands nickname?

rhode islands state nickname is the ocean state.

What was Rhode Islands culture in the past?

rhode island

How many Rhode Islands can fit in South Carolina?

20.72 Rhode Islands can fit into South Carolina

What is Rhode Islands animal?

The Rhode Island Red chicken.

The largest of Rhode Islands 36 islands?

Aquidneck Island

Does Rhode Island have the longest name?

Rhode Islands and the Plymouth Plantation

What is Rhode Islands flower?

the violet

Are there islands that are famous in Rhode Island?


What is rhode islands capital city?

Providence is the capital city in Rhode Island.

What was colonial Rhode Islands economy?

Type in, "What was colonial Rhode Island's economy?"

Whats the education of Rhode Islands colony?

rhode island red hen

What is Rhode Islands NBA team?

There is no NBA team that plays in Rhode Island.

What is Rhode Islands state animal?

rhode island red an they eat you when u die

How many islands are there in rhode island?


What is Rhode Islands population rank?


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What is Rhode Islands average rainfall?

45 in. about

Rhode islands climate in spring?


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red maple

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How many islands are in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island boasts 36 islands including Newport, Jamestown, and Block Island along with its mainland. That is c.o.o.l.

What type of government did Rhode Island have in the 1700?

Rhode islands government was legislative in the 1700's

How many Rhode Islands fit in Utah?

54 Rhode Islands would fit in Utah. Utah has total area of 84,896 square miles. Rhode Island has total area of 1,545 square miles

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beaches are one of rhode islaands main attractions. rhode islands nickname is the ocean state.