What was Roosevelts name?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Roosevelts name was Theodore. He had nicknames like : TR, Teddy and Rough Rider

Hoped this info helped ( Im only eleven )

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Q: What was Roosevelts name?
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What was elenor Roosevelts real name?

Elenor Roosevelts real name is Elenor Roosevelt

What was Eleanor Roosevelts horses name?


What was the name of roosevelts programs for recovery?


What was Theodore Roosevelts fathers name?

Theodore Roosevelt Sr

This was Roosevelts experiment and the name given to his administration?

New Deal

Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelts dads name?

James Roosevelt

How do you spell Franklin d roosevelts middle name?


What were Eleanor Roosevelts dogs names?

She had one dog and his name was Murray

Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelts half brother?

His name was James Roosevelt.

What was Eleanor roosevelt husbands name?

Eleanor Roosevelts husband is Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

What was teddy Roosevelt's mom name?

Theodore Roosevelts' mothers name was Martha Bulloch Roosevelt.

What was the name of teddy Roosevelts horse?

his name was Little TexasHis favorite horse was Manitou