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Saint Patrick is most famous for converting much of Ireland to Christianity from paganism. He is also famous for something he did not do - banishing snakes from Ireland. Snakes have never lived in Ireland.

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· Ordained a Bishop in 432

· Secured toleration of Christians in Ireland

Converted members of the Irish royal families

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Q: What was St. Patrick famous for?
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Did St. Patrick discover Ireland?

No. St. Patrick is famous for converting the people of Ireland to Christianity.

Who is a famous Irish model?

ST. Patrick

What is the most famous church dedicated to st patrick?

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Why is Saint Patrick so famous in Ireland?

St. Patrick converted much of Ireland to Christianity.

Who was the most famous Christian missionary who came to Ireland?

St. Patrick

What church is regarded as the most famous of all churches dedicated to St. Patrick?

St. Patrick's Cathedral.

What animal is Ireland famous for?

I think it is snakes. St Patrick chased them out of Ireland, thus we have St Patrick's Day!

What is sain Patrick famous for?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. He is famous for 1.) Converting Ireland to Christianity 2.) Driving all the snakes out of Ireland (probably a myth)

Is St. Patrick the most famous person in Ireland?

No he wouldn't be. St. Patrick actually wasn't even from Ireland. He is credited with having brought Christianity to Ireland and he came from elsewhere, most likely Britain.

Did St. Patrick have a child?

No, St. Patrick was not married and had no children.

Was St. Patrick a Muslim?

St. Patrick was not a Muslim. He was a Catholic.

Was St. Patrick a bishop?

Yes, St. Patrick was a bishop.

Did St. Patrick have children?

St. Patrick had no wife or children as far as is known. There is no mention of them in any biographies of St. Patrick.Patrick was never married nor did he have any children.

How many sons did St. Patrick have?

St. Patrick was not married and had no children.

Was St. Patrick a missionary or monk?

St. Patrick was a missionary and not a monk.

What word does st stand for in St. Patrick?

St. is an abbreviation for the word 'saint.'

Did St. Patrick have any children?

St. Patrick had no wife or children as far as is known. There is no mention of them in any biographies of St. Patrick.

Who was Saint Patrick in the 1840?

St. Patrick died in the 5th century so was still St. Patrick in 1840.

Why is St Patrick's Day called St Patrick's Day?

St Patrick´s day is named after Ireland´s patron saint. St Patrick is said to have converted many druids and pagans in Ireland to Catholicism. St. Patrick day was called st. Patrick because it is a memory of the saint named St. Patrick.Clarification:The Catholic feast day of Saint Patrick is March 17. That is why it is called St. Patrick's Day.

What did St. Patrick do for a living?

St. Patrick was a Catholic bishop and missionary to Ireland.

Is St. Patrick still a saint?

Yes, St. Patrick is still a saint.

What did St. Patrick do?

St. Patrick converted the pagan Druids of Ireland to Christianity.

When did St. Patrick become a pope?

St. Patrick was never a pope. He was a bishop.

What did St Patrick suppoedly do to help Ireland?

St. Patrick converted the Irish to Christianity.

What was St. Patrick sold as in Ireland?

St Patrick was sold as a slave into Ireland.