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North Vietnam (NVA) fighting South Vietnam (ARVN) with the US/allies helping out the south.


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During the war, it was the French "P" (Piasters).

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Diem until '63. Thieu until '75.

Men that were protected from the military draft; normally "men of the cloth." (Religious).

Impact: North won; South ceased to exist after 1975.

Yes the U.S.A enterwed the war in South Vietnams side, and were based in Saigon.

Vladimir Lenin was against the involvement of Russia in world war 1. this made him enter into a treaty with central powers to end the involvement of Russia in the war.

Because they believed theVietnamWar was a civil war , which it was, and that our involvement was unnecessary.

Britain's involvement in the war led to the involvement of Canada, because it's a Commonwealth Nation.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

he helped the war end and helped us get all of are pows back from the north vietnams

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Increased involvement in the war

The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

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The US involvement in the Vietnam war ended when the US withdrew troops in 1973. The Vietnam war did not actually end until 1975.

in the year of 1999 the us had the war.

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