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What was the ipact of vietnams war on Australia's society?

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what was the impact of vietnams war on Australia's society

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australians involvment in ww1

During the war, it was the French "P" (Piasters).

Diem until '63. Thieu until '75.

Men that were protected from the military draft; normally "men of the cloth." (Religious).

Impact: North won; South ceased to exist after 1975.

Yes the U.S.A enterwed the war in South Vietnams side, and were based in Saigon.

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford.

he helped the war end and helped us get all of are pows back from the north vietnams

Australia sent Infantrymen, Artillery, and a regiment of their Centurion tanks to South Vietnam.

The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

Vietnam veterans memorial, Vietnams womens memorial, district of Columbia war memorial

North Vietnam (NVA) fighting South Vietnam (ARVN) with the US/allies helping out the south.

the tooth fairy came and ate everyone becoming australias worst villan!

Australias allies in World War1 were Great Britain, France, Russia and the usa.

it was the conflict of communist and noncommunist. i think the north was communist and the south wasnt. south Vietnam lost :'(

Which types of techniques did WHICH Vietnam use? There were two Vietnams: North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

During the Viet War from '55 thru '75, there were two Vietnams: North Vietnam & South Vietnam; they were divided at the 17th parallel.

The ground war, in the Vietnam War, WAS FOUGHT in SOUTH VIETNAM. Therefore, South Vietnam entered the war from the very beginning...which is when it started in either the late 1950's or 1961, depending on what historical reference you are using.

They believed that war was the way to keep order in society.

Yes it did, you might be surprised to know that Australian forces were fighting in Vietnam 3 years before America even joined the war. Aussies were also the first to follow the Viet Kong into the tunnels. Australias contribution was modest with thousands deployed at any one time. The most famous battle of the war involving Australia was the Battle of Long Tan where 30 Aussies fought off 2000+ Viet Kong. It is a shame that the war was lost in the end.

Australias' northern cities, Darwin and Broome, were repeatedly bombed by Japanese aircraft during World War 2.

Crimean War Research Society was created in 1983.