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Zacchary Taylor was a professional Basketball player before he became president

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Q: What was Zachary Taylor's job before being president?
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How was Zachary Taylors life after being president?

Zachary Taylor died in office so there was no life after his presidency

What did Zachary Taylor do after him being president?

Zachary Taylor was still the U.S. President when he died in 1850.

What did Zachary Taylor accomplish?

he accomplished being the first president and being a good leader

What US President had never been elected to any office before being elected President?

Zachary Taylor (12th president) Ulysses S. Grant (18th president) Dwight D Eisenhower (34th president)

What president was an auto mechanic before being the president?

what president was a auto mechanic and a teacher before president

Why did Zachary Taylor want to be US president?

I think Zachary Taylor didn't think about being president until he was nominated. He did not campaign to be nominated and was not at the convention that nominated him. He did accept the nomination, probably out of patriotic duty but he did not campaign to be elected.

What year did Zachary Taylor stop being the president?

July 9, 1850 was the day that he died in office at the White House.

Which president was rejected from the FBI before being president?

Richard Nixon

What happened to the president before John Tyler?

The president before John Tyler was president William Harison he died after 4 weeks of being president

What did JFK do before being elected President?

John F. Kennedy was a naval officer,author,congressman and senator before being elected as president.

What was Ronald reagon occupation before he became president?

Well Ronald Reagan was an actor before a president. But that is only one of the jobs he had before being a president.

Before being the president what did Abraham do?

Abraham was never a president. He was, perhaps, a patriarch

Which president was a naval officer and a governor before being a president?

Jimmy Carter

Which president was a famous Hollywood actor before being a president?

Ronald Reagan.

Which president was a naval officer and a governor before being president?

Jimmy Carter

Where does Obama live before being president?


Did Obama have a dog before being president?


What job did Abraham do before being president?

he was a laywer

What happens if a President dies before being inaugurated?

The speaker of the house will be the acting president.

Did Martin van Buren have any jobs before becoming president of the United States?

He was a senator and vice president before being elected president.

What president was in 53 films before being elected?

Ronald Reagan had a long career as a movie actor before he was president.

Did Abraham Lincoln have kids before being president?


What did the presidents do before being president?

they let people volt

What was jfk's job before being a president?

He was in the House of Representatives.

How would Zachary Taylor have traveled?

By the time he was President, railroads were being built. Waterways were still important and, of course, there were horses to pull carriage and on which to ride.