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Shays' Rebellion

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Q: What was a rebellion of farmer not having to pay their debts?
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What was the 1786 Massachusetts farmer revolt that erupted when the state government raised taxes instead of issuing paper money to pay off its debts?

Shay's rebellion

Define Shays rebellion?

Daniel Shays was a farmer and former soldier who had his land taken away by the government because he couldn't pay his debts. He was mad and got a group of other mad farmers/some of which were former soldiers and started a rebellion in Massachusetts that lasted between 1786-1787.

Why Shays rebellion started?

Shay's Rebellion was an uprising consisting of farmers who were being taxed and could not pay back debts.

What is the number one reason why consumers default on their debts?

They do not have the money to pay back their debts!They do not have the money to pay back their debts!They do not have the money to pay back their debts!They do not have the money to pay back their debts!

What motivated men involved in shays rebellion?

Loss of their farms because they were unable to pay taxes and debts lack of paper money and credit

Are there wealthy people who are willing to invest in helping someone pay off his debts?

Not unless they know them. Financial problems can't be solved by having someone pay off our debts, but by living within our means.

Was shays rebellion caused by government interference?

No. Shays' Rebellion took place from 1786 to 1787, and resulted from the inability of farmers in Massachusetts to pay their debts. To prevent foreclosures, they formed an armed group to oppose the Massachusetts judiciary.

Is it better to immediately pay debts or to invest?

Pay off your debts!

What provoked the shays rebellion?

farmers refused to pay taxes

How did the shays rebellion happen?

Shays rebellion happened because enraged farmers were angry about taxes and debts. As a result of no money, their land was taken from them. They revolted against the Supreme Court and captured the building so no citizens would have to pay their dues. They were later all later captured and killed by a local miltia.

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About having to help pay other states debts.

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