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Mine is a 12 gauge pump. Chambered for 3" shell.

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2011-10-23 09:57:39
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Q: What was a springfield model 67F Savage Arms corp?
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What is the value of a Springfield Savage Arms Corp 410 caliber model 39a shotgun?

Suggested value is from $50 to $150.

How much is a Steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by Savage Arms Corp worth?

how much is a steven's 12ga model 770 shotgun made by savage arms corp worth?

What is the value of a Stevens savage arms corp model 86c?

Roughly $100

What is the age and value of a Springfield Model 18 12 gauge Savage Arms Corp Chicopee Falls Mass proof tested 2-34?

About $100 in very good condition.

When was the Stevens-Savage Arms Corp Model 820B pump 12 gauge made?


What is the value of a Savage Arms corp model 1921?

in excellent condition, i have seen them go for $270

What is a Savage Arms corp 12 gauge model 775A nickel plated worth?

The value of a Savage Arms Corp 12 gauge model number 775A nickel plated gun depends on its condition. This gun in excellent condition is valued between 150.00 and 175.00 as of 2014.

What is the value of a savage arms corp 410 bore 3 chamber model 24?

The Savage model 24 will range in price from 165-300 dollars,depending on overall condition.

When was Savage Arms model 101-22 cal lr build?

The Model 101s were manufactured from 1960 to 1968. Read more: I have a pistol says model 101-22 Savage arms corp - JustAnswer

What is the age of a 22-410 a Stevens Savage Arms Corp serial KO32?


Where can i find a end cap for a magazine for a Springfield model 67 series E pump shot gun by Savage Arms company?

Check Dick Williams Gun Shop-----989-777-1240-----or Gun Parts Corp.--914-679-2417--- they have parts for everything.

Where can you get a scope mount for a Savage model 842?

Numrich Gun Parts Corp

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