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What was farming like in 1700s in new york?


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the answer is they always were good for growing crops very good soil

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waking up at 6:00 for chores like milking cows and collecting eggs

New York has VERY rich soil. There were many crops growing in new york. so yes. it is a colony for farming.

Life in New York in the 1700s would have been difficult. In the city, disease would have been prevalent. Along with no running water, sewage ran freely in the street and there was little if any law.

The role of women in New York in the 1700s was as wives and mothers. They did not have occupations outside the home, and were granted very few rights in society.

Crops grown in New York in the 1700s were corn, oat, wheat, carrots, and beans. Other foods grown were barley, pumpkin, and hops.

There are a lot of colleges in New York that teach about farming technology and art. Almost every college in New York teaches about farming and art. I don't think there is a school that specializes in both areas.

it was very high compared to other states but was not nearly as good as our education is now

New York has some mountains, some plains, some coastline, and some rivers.

. These people came from Britain they dressed very fashionably(for that time) and ate what was needed like chickens.

The Duke of York is the person who bought Long Island and others in 1663.

Fishing, Timber Industry, Textiles after we stole it from the Brits... Not farming.

Moravin College. Which was in the early 1700s.

They produced wheat and other grains in Pennsylvania and New York.

How did new farming machines like the mccormick reper and the cotton change farming in America

Industries in colonial New York are Mixed farming, Wheat, Crafts and Shops.

Business in the 1700s in New York was somewhat similar to today. There were a variety of restaurants and hotels in the city with many street vendors and the beginning of a large textile industry.

The landform in New York (1700s-1799s) was like a big juicy women. Big up and down. Coming from a History teacher it was ALOT. It was the shape of a big juicy titty.

Yes, there are plains in New York, including White Plains. There are no large prairies left in New York although there are large farming areas.

it was governed horribke thats how it was governed ya stupid twit

They moved to New York because the people wanted fredom and liberty.They moved to New York because the people wanted fredom and liberty.

The jobs that were available in the 1600's in new and trapping. york were Lumbering, Farming, trapping and Fishing.

The reason for the settlement of New York was that it was seized from the Dutch in 1664. It prospered in economic trading and farming.

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