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What was life like for women on the home front during World War 1?


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They were made to do all the mens jobs :D


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Carried on in the home front.

The home front during ww1 was all the men and women that helped out the wounded or starving solders that arrived home. They fed them, looked after them and even sleeped with them :p.......

By working in factories and sending food and clothing to soldiers overseas.

No. They stayed at home helping on the home front.

They stayed at home to help with the home front duties

The local library has some wonderful books available: V is for Victory--The American Home Front during World War II by: Sylvia Whitman The Home Front During World War II--In American History by: R. Conrad Stein

By inspiring the women and people in the home front work harder to win the war. by insparating the women and people in the home front work harder to win the war by inspiring the women and men not in the war to join/support the war

women cleaned pots and dishes they didnt like it

The home front was a group of civilians who helped to defend their town, village or city, usually during World War 2

Winston Churchill cared alot about britain and its home front

He felt chauvinistic toward women that their place was in the home making babies

Women who went to work in factories

Russia's home front during World War 1 was characterized by civil war. It was these internal conflicts that led to Russia's premature withdrawal from the war.

Besides the Japanese Islands themselves, the islands of Iwo Jima and Okinawa were considered the home front. There is a link to a site describing the Home Front in the related links.

the women cooked, did laundry, and nursed sick or wounded soldiers.

More Women went to work in Factories. The Waves (Navy Women) got their feet on the ground. The USO became more important than ever.

1) women work (factory workers clerks) 2) economic problems 3) social unrest 4)the draft - conscription

Here is a good website explaining what were few roles of women in USA during World War 2...hope you will find answer to your question:

World War I led to many changes at home.

Personal accounts of a family's experience on the home front during World War 2 can be found at your local library. Most major bookstores have a section designated to war stories.

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