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What was life like in 1930 for whites?


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February 04, 2008 3:34AM

Throughout 1930 the unemployment rate was 5 million, and soon increased to an alarming figure of 13 million. Due to the massive amount of unemployment, children were forced to leave school and enter into the work force to support and provide for there poverty inflicted families. This left some children to become the full time carers of the family and one of the psychological effects was the switch of roles in the family, where children were parenting there parents. Food and shelter were a struggle to obtain. Many farmers lost their houses and farms after taking out loans to protect their properties, but couldn't afford to pay back the loan anymore. This was because farmers were not making a profit as the prices for crops had decreased to a record low so many farmers gave up. When the farmers weren't making the profit, they couldn't feed their cattle and other animals therefore food was rationed and many farms were headed for disaster. Those who stayed on there farm and grew crops were put out of business by the grasshoppers that ate their crops. Some citizens blamed the president for the great depression, but some were blaming themselves for losing their jobs, which lead to depression within the population, which was bad for the well being of the nation.